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The Vortex

Songdance Membership Community

Your Song, Your Dance, Your Freedom

Songdance brings the power of Authentic Singing & Dancing to homes across the world to (re)connect people with their voice and body through music. 

And now even more!
Songdance has launched a brand new Membership Community, called The Vortex.
The Vortex is a place where singing & dancing meets the community. A global community where you can experience the togetherness filled with song & dance!

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Summer Retreat in the UK
Bring a friend and get discount!

Coming Home

Nederlandstalige retreat
Centrum Samaya bij Utrecht

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Our 'do-at-home' journeys

Inner Child
Healing Journey

Singing for Self Love

A gentle yet deep Authentic Singing program containing 4 sessions with bonus mantra that you do at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You will give a voice to your inner child, to express what they could not before. You'll (re)connect with and give a voice to your inner child, to express what they could not before. Sing, for Self Love!

Authentic Singing
Sing Your Truth

The Authentic Singing Journey provides a deeply supportive foundation to unlock and explore your Authentic voice; from vocal sounding to singing powerful, soul soothing mantras. This course will empower you during 40 weekly sessions to sing from your heart with what is, creating emotional freedom and positive change.

Movement Journey

Coming Home To The Body

10 Authentic Dancing sessions that bring freedom to your body, heart and soul. Find your way home to the truth of who you are and set your well-being in motion! A trans-formational and immersive journey for everyBODY regardless of age, size, experience or fitness level. This movement journey is unique in its kind. Be moved, be free, be YOU!

Authentic Singing

Immerse yourself in the Songdance sound universe with a free introductory session. The only way to truly understand the power of Authentic Singing is to experience it for yourself.
What better way to start than here and now?

Authentic Dancing

Let's lay a new foundation that nurtures and supports your body, mind and soul. Underneath all the self sabotage, limiting beliefs and self judgement there is an undeniable, unarguable miracle at work...the human body. Your body. 

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