Vocal Sound Healing

12-week Certification Course

Learn and experience the life-changing power of Vocal Sound Healing during this live-taught online course with Jacob Vermeulen.

Get certified as a Level 1 Vocal Sound Healer.
Starting Sun 29 Jan till Sun 23 April 2023.

Songdance offers courses and retreats around personal growth and transformation through vocal sound healing and instinctive movement.

Songdance was founded by husband and wife, Yavin & Upala (aka Jacob & Karen). Upala dreamed Songdance into being after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her energy and presence combined with Jacob's talent for music and guidance created programs that have been enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world.

 After her death in December 2022, Jacob continues to honor Upala's dream by offering new courses and retreats. 

Songdance also releases its own music on music streaming platforms.

Transformational Sound Journeys
to enjoy at home

Inner Child Healing
Visualizations & mantras

A gentle and deep healing program to connect with your inner child through guided visualizations and mantra singing. Give voice to the needs and grieves of your younger self, to express what they could not before.
Healing doesn't have to be hard work. Let this program bring you joy.

A 5-session audio program

40 days of Vocal Sound Healing
Voice liberation & mantras

A unique and transformational sound healing program created by Jacob Vermeulen and his late wife, Upala, on their travels around the world. A joyful ride full of surprises where you are embarking on a journey of exploring, liberating and enjoying your own vocal sounds.

A 40-session audio-program 

Magical Movement Journey
Coming home to your body

Invite a new freedom to the way you move your body. Your heart and soul will rejoice with this transformational and immersive journey for everyBODY, regardless of age, size, limitations or fitness level. This movement journey combines expert guidance with originally composed musical journeys.

A 10-session audio-program

In loving memory of


6 March 1984 - 4 December 2022

She dreamed Songdance into being & her dream lives on…