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Authentic Singing

Experience the liberating power
of Authentic Singing

Last-minute opportunity in August
Songdance Retreat

11 - 15 August 2021
 Veduna Retreats, Slovenia

Sing your truth

Songdance brings the power of Authentic Singing to homes across the world to (re)connect people with their voice and body through music. 

Authentic Singing helps to stimulate auto-emotional regulation, unlock your true inner strength and allow you the freedom to simply enjoy life to its fullest.

Singing is a particularly powerful tool for self healing and transformation as it works on a cellular level. For eons singing and movement have been used as an essential component of rites of passage, the processing of emotions and… to celebrate life

Songdance invites you to reconnect with your voice as a catalyst for cultivating more truth, freedom and love in your life.

Our programs

Inner Child
Healing Journey

Singing for Self Love

A gentle yet deep Authentic Singing program containing 4 sessions with bonus mantra that you do at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You will give a voice to your inner child, to express what they could not before. You'll (re)connect with and give a voice to your inner child, to express what they could not before. Sing, for Self Love!

The Year Course
Authentic Singing

Self-led course done at home

The Year Course provides a deeply supportive foundation to unlock and explore your Authentic voice; from vocal sounding to singing powerful, soul soothing mantras. This course will empower you during 40 weekly sessions to sing from your heart with what is, creating emotional freedom, positive change and personal growth. 

Year course
Authentic Singing PRO
with The Mantra Collection

The Year Course PRO enables the Creative Practitioner to share The Mantra Collection in their own business; A rich, diverse and transformational mix of sound, word and song. The perfect compliment to your Yoga, dance class, choir or meditation group allowing the ripples of these mantras to reach more people on this Earth.

Upcoming Songdance Retreats

Space for you
11 - 15 August 2021
Veduna Retreats,

Songdance Retreats offer a unique mix of nature immersion and conscious guidance with music and creative expression through Authentic Singing and Dancing.
Maybe your capacity for free authentic expression is buried somewhere deep inside of you, but it is never lost! This is why you deserve a Space for you. A space where you can regain your natural freedom, wisdom and self-healing capabilities. You will be surprised to discover a powerful creativity that is a unique expression of YOU.

Reconnect With Self
8 - 11 October 2021
Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat,
South Africa

Experience the transformational power of Authentic Singing and Dancing in one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Connecting through music with our own sound and vibration is connecting to the very fabric of the universe itself.
Singing together, dancing together, being together in a state of meditation and free authentic expression under guidance of highly experienced international teachers Yavin & Upala, founders and directors of Songdance.

Authentic Singing
3 free sessions

Immerse yourself in the Songdance sound universe with these 3 free introductory sessions. The only way to truly understand the power of Authentic Singing is to experience it for yourself. What better way to start than here and now?

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