Authentic being through
Authentic Singing

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of Authentic Singing
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Sing your truth

Songdance brings the power of Authentic Singing to homes across the world to (re)connect people with their voice and body through music. 

Authentic Singing helps to stimulate auto-emotional regulation, unlock your true inner strength and allow you the freedom to simply enjoy life to its fullest. 

Singing is a particularly powerful tool for self healing and transformation as it works on a cellular level. For eons singing and movement have been used as an essential component of rites of passage, the processing of emotions and… to celebrate life

Songdance invites you to reconnect with your voice as a catalyst for cultivating more truth, freedom and love in your life.

Where to start?

Year course
Authentic Singing
Self-led course

A year course covering every aspect of Authentic Singing ranging from simply producing vocal sounds to singing powerful mantras. This course will enable you to transform your voice from a simple tool of expression to an instrument for deep emotional release, personal and spiritual growth or even a way to surrender to all that is.

Free Webinar
Discover your 
Authentic Voice

This webinar is the perfect way to start your journey with Authentic Singing. You'll meet Yavin & Upala, the creators of the course and discover their powerful story.
You will learn how Authentic Singing can truly benefit you in many ways. You'll get to experience the power of it during the webinar and will take away many tips and tricks.

Monthly Live stream
4 Oct 2020
Singing in connection

Especially designed for more experienced 'Authentic Singers', this monthly live stream takes you on a journey of sound, music and meditation. Yavin creates musical themes and mantras on the spot, by tuning in to the living field of the attendees. The Live Stream takes place on YouTube on the 1st Sunday of each month.

Free session Authentic Singing

Immerse yourself in the Songdance sound universe with this free Introductory Session. You might feel the calling to let your voice out (maybe after being silent for many years) or maybe you want to go deeper with your existing voice work? This session is a gift to yourself no matter what your situation. The only way to truly understand the power of Authentic Singing is to experience it directly. What better way to start than right here, right now?