Creating meaningful connections

through being and expressing

Your Song, Your Dance, Your Freedom

Songdance aims to connect people with themselves and each other through the power of Authentic Singing & Dancing. Self-expression using your authentic voice and movement brings immeasurable joy, freedom and empowerment.

Discover our community, Songdance CiRCLE to get the full Songdance experience. You can dip your toes into our energy by listening to our mantras below. Or maybe we meet each other during one of our upcoming international retreats?

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Upcoming events & retreats

Couple's Resonance Retreat

Conscious Weekend with culinary magic
14-17 April '23 – Ardennes, Belgium

Sacred Mountain Retreat

Hiking, Healing & Sound
24 - 29 May '23 - Pyrenees, Spain

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September 17, 2022

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