Yearning for elation!

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So many people, from all walks of life, with so many different needs and desires, find themselves on a path that leads to Songdance! And we couldn’t feel more blessed.

For many it’s because they have something they need to work through, be it some kind of pain, trauma or emotional blockage. Each and every one of these amazingly brave souls shining the light of their love on the darkness that they experience through their authentic song and dance. 

But fortuitously for some, due to a loving and blessed childhood and life, darkness was never in sight. For these amazing souls, they are simply attracted to the energy that Songdance emits, like a beacon of light, that calls you back home to an experience that you were always meant for. Even those who don’t experience pain, still feel lack. They still yearn for the missing link… that pure vibration of joyful freedom of expression and elation. The ultimate natural high of BEING ALIVE!

In this short but beautiful video, Lysta shares her story of her deep longing for that missing piece of the jigsaw…

If you, like Lysta, are yearning for more, longing for that beautiful natural high of being alive then our Magical Movement Journey will certainly take you there! You can try a session for free here. Enjoy!

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