We are more alike than we think

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Do you sometimes feel unsure about your life, about your health?
Do you sometimes struggle with feelings of guilt or shame?
Or maybe you feel fatigue or even depressed?

Please know it’s OKAY!
So many people feel like this at times, including us!

Or maybe you are struggling with a chronic pain? Rehabilitating after an illness? 
Or you have ‘long covid’ as they call it.
Or you feel emotionally overwhelmed at times, which makes you scared and uncertain. So, you withdraw and make yourself small. 

We are all more alike than we think. 
Many people think and feel they are alone with these thoughts and feelings, but this is simply called the human experience.

We all have our ups and downs. Sometimes we get stuck in the stories we tell ourselves. 

We go down a negative spiral and have a hard time climbing out.

Walking on your vortex — we could say — is going in the opposite direction. It’s about finding your flow again, walking your path, finding joy and freedom, sharing your gifts with the world.

Over the past few months, we’ve had the immense privilege of meeting the members of our Vortex community on a deeper level. And this made us realize that indeed we are all more alike than we think.

Often times, people have an unconscious resistance to singing or dancing, or a fear from past experiences.
They think singing or movement is going to be hard, and they’ll have to push themselves, go way out of their comfort zones, etc.

But, once they play the song, sing the mantra, gently move to the music… It just flows and goes, it brings so much release, relief…

Many people say, “finally, something that actually helps and makes a real difference, in such a gentle way”. 

Join our community 
of like-hearted souls, and gift yourself the present of song & dance in your life.

With so much love & grace,

Yavin & Upala

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We are One

We are One


It's beneficial for everyone to realize that all painful emotions stem from one root pain, and that is the pain of separation.