Vocal Sound Healing

12-week Certification Course

Learn and experience the life-changing power of Vocal Sound Healing during this live-taught online course with Jacob Vermeulen.

Get certified as a Level 1 Vocal Sound Healer.
Starting Sun 29 Jan till Sun 23 April 2023.

In this video, the teachers of this course, Daniela Hess & Jacob Vermeulen, have a conversation about the origins and benefits of the course.     

Join us on this adventure

Hi friends,

Little did I know that so soon after my wife Upala's passing, I would be offering a certification course here at Songdance. 

These past few days, I've felt Upala's warm energy gently whisper in my ear that her dream to spread the power of vocal sound healing is to be continued.

Her dream can only become a reality by teaching you to not only engage in vocal sound healing for yourself, but to hold the space for others as well.

Whether you'll invite friends and family into this powerful practice or you'll integrate it into your professional activities, this modality is an absolute must-have in your toolkit. Vocal Sound Healing is arguably one of the most effective healing modalities known to man.

Certification courses tend to be expensive and time-intensive. NOT THIS TIME! I felt to make this training as accessible as possible for everyone by making it both affordable and not too time/energy intensive. 

Looking forward to seeing you during the live class!


What you'll learn

Module 1

What is Vocal Sound Healing

Vocal Sound Healing in its very nature is a form of meditation and self transformation. By producing natural and untethered vocal sounds, you gradually set yourself free as a human being. The voice lifts internal blockages, emotional baggage and even physical ailments. This opens up your voice, making it flow more freely than ever before.

Module 2

Foundational Practice

The Foundational practice teaches you an easy to replicate practice to create and hold the space for others to engage in Vocal Sound Healing. You'll learn the steps both during the class and via a clearly outlined course manual. The foundational practice can be done both in an informal context as well as during 1:1 or group sessions.

Module 3

Freeing the voice

Overcoming blockages and fear is an integral part to become a VHS Level 1 facilitator. You'll learn to become comfortable with your own voice. By journeying together, you'll find the confidence to move beyond limiting beliefs about your own voice and your birthright to use it.

Module 4

Mantra singing

The age-old practice of mantra singing is an integral part of Vocal Sound Healing work. You'll learn a fresh and contemporary take on this deep and powerful healing modality, in order to hold the space for a mantra singing circle. The course even includes licensed use of 4 Songdance mantras.

Who might benefit from this?

  • Anyone seeking to personally experience a tremendous shift with the power of their voice and to feel liberated from inhibitions at the throat chakra, so you can express yourself clearly, powerfully, and truthfully in your life.
  • Teachers of any style of Yoga or Qigong who wish to share these potent, efficient Healing practices within a group class setting or 1:1 private work.
  • Body Workers, Light Workers, Healers, Counselors, and Therapists who seek to teach their clients a simple way to bridge the healing of the emotional body and the physical body. 
  • Educators, Yoga Teachers, and Healers who love the practice of Mantra singing, and seek a way to share mantras that are universal, nondenominational, and inviting to anyone of any faith or tradition.

In the words of a former student

What you'll receive

  • 12 weeks of live online classes from January 28th - April 23rd, 2023
  • Course syllabus with clear and simple instructions to follow
  • Replays of all live classes (you don't need to attend live)
  • 16 weeks of Office Hours for additional support and Q&A
  • 4 mantras/music compositions that you are licensed to use professionally
  • Private and safe online classroom, connecting you with your instructors and fellow students for the full time of the program and beyond.

Practical information

What are the dates and times of the classes?

Always on Sunday, starting on Jan 29th, ending on April 23rd.
90 minutes per class.

Class times
Brussels: 8.30pm
New York: 2.30pm
Los Angeles: 11.30am

Check the start time in your timezone

You can attend the sessions live or watch them on replay whenever it suits you.

What support do I receive?

Next to the twelve live classes, there are continued Office Hours being offered throughout the entire duration of the course. You also get an additional 4 weeks of Office Hours after the last live class to help you with any questions during your certification.

Office Hours are live Q&A sessions with Jacob. In this more informal and intimate setting, you can ask any questions regarding the course material and your own journey with it.

Check the time of Office Hours in your timezone.

What are the certification requirements?

In order to get your Level 1 Vocal Sound Healing Certification, you'll need to:

  • Attend all 12 live classes or watch the replays
  • Complete 2 hours of practice teaching
  • Final self-reflective written exam
  • Submit a teaching video of a Vocal Sound Healing session

What does Level 1 certification include?

Vocal Sound Healing Level 1 means that you'll be certified to hold the space for authentic sound making and mantra singing during a 1:1 session or during a group workshop. 

You'll learn how to hold the space in both online and in-person environments. You'll be provided with the necessary technical, contextual and applied knowledge to lead a session.

Level 2 includes deeper therapeutic work, where you guide people through various physical and emotional layers, or where you perform healing sounds on the body.

Meet the educators

Jacob Vermeulen

Lead Educator

Jacob is a Masterful pianist and singer whose passion and life circumstances moved him to explore and deepen into the profound therapeutic effects of music, in particular, the human voice.

He's been teaching his innovative healing practices for nearly 10 years, guiding thousands of students around the world through their own deep inner healing work.

He has facilitated workshops and retreats in several countries over Europe, as well as in South Africa. His online programs have created a significant mark in the field of Spirituality and healing.

Daniela Hess Grant

Supporting Educator

Daniela is the co-founder and Program Director of Yoga Farm Ithaca. She has created and led countless online and in-person courses and workshops, including the Awareness Keys Curriculum™, Sacred Sunday™, Forgiveness Method™, and is a co-creator and lead educator on every teacher training course.

Her students and clients rediscover a life where connection with the Divine is a lived, direct experience, and one’s Soul is deeply fulfilled, as Love, in Action, in the world.

Daniela teaches in a contemporary, practical, and remarkably engaging way.

Listen to some of Jacob's meditations

Special bonus class
'BYOB' - Bring your own bowl

If you own singing/crystal bowls, you'll love the spacial class on how to integrate Vocal Sound Healing with playing the bowls. The healing sounds of the bowls blend perfectly with your voice and vice versa.

This bonus class is included in the course tuition, but not a requirement for your certification. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, there is a 4-month installment plan, available through this link.

Who is the certifying body and what about insurance?

The certification is issues by Songdance (BV) as a proof of your skills obtained during this Level 1 training. As of today, there are no (global) governing bodies for Vocal Sound Healing, and thus there is no global insurance coverage available. We therefore recommend you take a private insurance as a coach, which this work falls under. 

What is the deadline for the certification requirements?

After the last live class, you get 2 months to complete with the requirements. The first month after the live classes end, you'll get additional free Office Hours to assist with any questions you might have during the preparation of your certification. 

Good to know, after these 2 months, you can still return to the course material as it remains available.

Is it possible to participate with no background in singing?

Absolutely. This is not a course for singers. This is a course for healers, yoga practitioners, etc who wish to use vocal sound healing in their own life and practice.

Even if you believe (or someone told you) you are tone-deaf, or you can't sing at all, you'll still (or you especially) will find this course beneficial!

Do I need instruments or special tools?

Short answer, no. You don't need anything besides your own voice to participate in this course and to get certified.
The only exception would be the bonus class on merging vocal sounds with singing bowls. But that class is optional and not part of the certification requirements.

Is attendance to the live classes mandatory?

No, it is not necessary to attend live.

If you're not free to attend live or if you live in a timezone that is not compatible with the times of the live classes, you are free to watch the classes in replay.

What about the 1:1 support

If you choose for the above package including 2 private 1:1 sessions with Jacob, you save significantly compared to purchasing the private sessions separately. Session are 120 minutes, and you get two, so 4 hours of 1:1 support. Read more about the sessions here.

Important to note that Office Hours are included in the regular $249 tuition and already give you a good opportunity to ask questions.

The 1:1 sessions are really for people who wish to take a deep dive into their own process, guided by Jacob.

What about the Authentic Singing Journey?

In case you have done or are doing the Authentic Singing Journey/40 days of Vocal Sound Healing self-paced course, THIS IS GREAT!

You'll find the material of the journey to be very complementary to the live teachings in this certification course.