The paradox of self acceptance

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Loving ourselves enough, even loving those deep, dark, unwanted sides of ourselves, with a high level of self acceptance has major benefits to our wellbeing. Increasing self-worth, self-esteem, personal freedom and resilience to life’s ups and downs. Yet self acceptance is usually born from the yearning for life to feel better, easier or different. And when we shine the light of self compassion on those parts of us that cause us the most pain, we often find that those parts start to heal or feel better. This is the glorious paradox of self acceptance!

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” 

 Carl Rogers

So, how do we strive for positive change AND be content just as we are? 

Let us begin with a total reframe….

In truth, we are all walking, talking, singing miracles. From our heart that automatically pumps blood around our whole body, to our lungs that automatically inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, to our beautiful bones that support us and to every muscle, tendon and ligament that in turn supports our bones, to each and every incredible organ that tirelessly and quietly functions on our behalf. All of this, just so that we can live our lives without having to think about it. Our physical bodies are a masterpiece!!

Let’s reframe one step further… We came into this world as a spark of creative energy, a precious soul in the form of a brand new, precious baby. No judgement, no lack of self belief, no inner voice telling us we are not good enough. Just miraculous perfection. YOU are a masterpiece!

Surely, at this most fundamental level of our existence we can all agree that as souls and human beings we are pretty cool right? Well, right there is the sweet spot where you start to entertain and enjoy self acceptance my friend. Let’s roll with this!

Now, imagine you as a masterpiece hanging on the wall in front of you. And for just a moment you are looking at a beautiful, complex, vibrantly colourful representation of the miracle that is you in all your full potential. Then some of the colours start to fade, the painting becomes duller, greyer, blander. But, as you stare at the picture you can still recall its brightness, its perfection. You know it’s still there but just not visible to your eyes.

You glance down to a table in front of you and see a pile of different coloured glasses. You try on the pink pair and see all the tones of pink in your painting. You try on the green pair and see all the tones of green. You try on the purple pair and see all the tones of purple and so on… Until the last pair, a multicoloured, fun looking pair of glasses that help you to see all of the colours of the masterpiece that is inherently YOU. There you are! In all your glory!

The Year Course Authentic Singing may just be the multicoloured, fun, vibrant pair of glasses you are looking for. Each weekly session you get to have fun trying on different coloured glasses! With each week that passes, remembering more and more who you really are. Until one day, there’s nothing left to remember because the masterpiece that is YOU is standing right there in front of you in the mirror. A fully embodied, original, walking, talking, singing miracle of the universe!

On the Year Course we warmly invite you to…

 Sing with your darkness,

 Sing with your light,

 Sing with ALL your colours,

 Sing for your life! 

Sing Just As You Are and see where your authentic adventure colourfully and playfully takes you… 

Written from the heart by Marie from the Songdance Team.

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