Song of the Dragon

Unleash your inner fire
in the healing space of sound

4-day Songdance Retreat
Friday 10 till Monday 13 June 2022
Embercombe - Devon, UK

The dragon has been around for thousands of years.
In stories, in dreams, as a source of strength and inspiration.

Power-hungry humans have sought to slay the dragons.
But, as a spirit or totem animal, it can always be called upon.

The dragon lives on in the hearts of those who welcome it!

The dragon invites…


Finding your voice, being heard and truly understood


Finding your mission to serve what is true and good


To face the darkness and set flame to that which no longer serves us


Feeling energized and vibrant, awake to all that is


You can be sincere without the need to be serious


There is so much wisdom in you, let's share it with yourself and others

During this 4-day retreat, we invite you to connect with the dragon energy through authentic sound and movement. 

Unleashing your inner fire, to feel truly alive!
To become a source of peace and justice in your own life and that of others.

The Songdance Retreat Experience

What's in a name…

'Songdance' is all about singing and dancing. But, not the kind you'll see on TV.

During a Songdance Retreat, you'll learn to liberate your authentic voice and receive keys of sound healing that will serve you well for many years to come.
Maybe your voice has been shut down or buried, yet it holds such power! You'll see that after just a couple of hours in the retreat, you'll already feel a greater connection and joy in expression yourself through sound!

Through conscious movement, you'll engage with your body as the sacred vessel that it is. Befriending your body and making it into your most trusted ally will lead to a balanced life filled with strength and joy.

An important aspect of the retreat is the (re)connection with nature as well as the energy of our ancestors. We do this first and foremost by retreating ourselves in a pristine natural environment that inspires stillness, connection and aliveness.

Our natural environment holds such a treasure of wisdom, organic frequencies that come even more alive through group singing and movement practices. 

Under the professional and experienced guidance of international teachers Yavin & Upala (founders and directors of Songdance) you'll be invited to gently open up to your inner creativity and self-healing capacities.

A Songdance Retreat takes you on a powerful and deep journey which is both effortless and deeply joyful, even when heavy emotions show up.

During a Songdance Retreat, you'll be…

  • Liberating the power of your own voice
  • Receiving keys of sound healing that will serve you and your loved ones
  • Enjoying beautiful live music and mantra singing
  • Engaging with gentle intuitive movement and self-love practices
  • Reconnecting with nature and the energy of our ancestors
  • Supported to navigate and liberate emotions that are stored in your body
  • Be allowed to be truly yourself (even if you're not a group person)

What you'll get out of this retreat

Taking time out for a couple of days will bring renewed energy and harmony of body, mind and soul.


Being in awareness with your own voice and body brings about a gentle and lasting kind of self-love.


  Bathing in the loving sound of a group allows a deep connection with fellow human beings we all deeply long for.

Truly listening to yourself allows for a deeper insight and understanding in your soul's journey.


After just a couple of hours in the retreat, any need for masks simply drop. People return home more authentic to their true selves.

The Songdance Retreat met my deep need for community and connection. Through sound and movement, a group of otherwise strangers were able to meet each other meaningfully while remaining absolutely true to our individual selves.
It was so incredibly transformative.


I feel that I was witnessed and held, without any push to ‘change’ or be a better version of the self that I showed up as.
Because of all of your ‘witnessing’ I feel emboldened to step into who I am meant to be, and stop hiding in the shadows of a lack of self-confidence and self-love. I feel like my heart has been cracked open, as if I have been opened up to the possibilities life holds, and the possibilities of love. I cannot express how grateful I am to you, Yavin and Upala, and to all of you healers for witnessing me, as me.


am taking with me so many precious moments and memories from the retreat. I feel like they are anchored deep in my heart and will stay there for a very long time. I am so grateful for everything I got to experience in this week with you and all the others.
I think it will continue to increase my trust in life and in other people very much. And this is an experience that cannot be taken from me anymore.


This was such a surprising, restorative, heartfelt, gentle experience! I have come back to work refreshed and open. It created real connection and a wonderful sense of community. Yavin was such an example of creating a non-judgemental space of exploration, courage and vulnerability, and Upala held us all safe. Thank you for the experience!


Embercombe Retreat
A magical place

Embercombe is a place to reconnect to your wild authentic self, resourcing you to live a passionate and purposeful life. A place where you can get back to your roots – a place with an immediate sense of connection with nature, with each other and with yourself, your purpose and your creativity.

50 acres of old woodland, meadow and gardens located in the mystical Devonshire valley. There is a stone circle for ceremony, a lake for wild swimming and a large workshop hall.

The kitchen team provides delicious vegan meals using locally sourced and mostly organic ingredients to give you the energy you need during the retreat.

You will stay in one of the beautiful yurt villages. Each yurt is furnished with comfortable beds and wood fired stove. The yurt villages have a compost toilets and running water. Full bathroom facilities with hot showers are available in the main building.

Discover Embercome



Arrival is on Friday 10 June 2022. We start with dinner together at 6 pm, followed by the first session.
Ending on Monday 13 June 2022 after lunch. Last session ends at 12:30 pm.


Higher Ashton, Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

What's included?

  • A 4-day/3-night Songdance Retreat experience in a beautiful yurt village 
  • 3 meals a day with organic, home-grown fresh veggie food.
  • 24 hours of immersive and experiential group sessions
  • Self-time where you can enjoy the swimming lake, take nature walks, meditate, connect with others in the group…

How to get there?

We suggest to use Google Maps to get accurate driving directions from anywhere in the UK.
The closest airports are Exeter and Bristol. 

Please check this page for more info on how to get there.


Only £385/€449 for an all-inclusive 
4-day retreat experience

Book your spot in a shared yurt

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About the teachers

Yavin & Upala started Songdance together in 2018. Before Songdance, Yavin already had several years of experience giving workshops and retreats with singing and the transformative power of music. Yavin is a naturally gifted musician, with the piano and voice being his main instruments.

Upala shifted her life direction completely after having a career as an engineer. She developed her natural gifts as a healer, designer, artist and space holder.  

You will find Yavin & Upala to be professional, intuitive, warm and welcoming, compassionate yet fierce when needed and mature in their guidance of a retreat.

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