Saying NO or saying YES!

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Saying NO or saying YES! Which one do you struggle with?

I remember when I first tried the empowering Martial Arts inspired movement of my Nia classes, as a student I really struggled! I felt weak and wobbly, like I was faking it! The strikes, the kicks and the blocks just filled me with dread because I didn’t enjoy them. This opened up a very intriguing conversation with my dance teacher. She asked me a question: “Do you enjoy the more lyrical, expressive dance or the empowered martial arts aspect of the dance?” Well, to be honest, I struggled with both because I was very inhibited at that time, but most definitely my preference was not the kicks and blocks! In fact, they irritated me! Her response was minimal but very powerful when she simply said “Hmmmmm interesting. I wonder why that is?'” and then she walked away.

That short conversation changed my life. It dawned on me that these movements are all about generating and preserving your personal power, your precious life force energy. This was not something my body, mind and heart was familiar with. I was used to giving my power away to all sorts of people, in all sorts of ways, throughout my life. I wasn’t used to saying NO! I knew this was my chance to make positive change in my life through my dance. I have now been teaching movement and wellness for many years and have some MOVEMENT GOLD to share with you…

Did you know that embodying the energies of NO and YES in your dance can have incredible, life changing benefits? These two simple words are your ENERGY ALLIES, your LIFE SUPPORTERS, but most people struggle to say no or say yes for so many reasons.

So, we invite YOU to reflect on this for a moment, which one do you struggle with most? 

Are you the person who always agrees to do things when deep down inside your gut is screaming NO!? But you do it anyway because it’s expected of you, or you don’t want to be judged, or you don’t want to offend or upset anyone. We can help you with that! In this first video (video 2 a bit further down), I introduce you to session 5 of the Magical Movement Journey, Stepping Into Your Power, in particular the power of NO through your authentic movement…

Or are you the person who struggles to say YES!? Saying YES to opportunities or even to yourself? Perhaps you don’t feel worthy of MORE? More love, more opportunities, more abundance, more fun! Or perhaps your lack of confidence stops you going out there and going for it in life! If you yearn for MORE, we can help you with that too. Check out the video below…

Either way, I want you to know that this lack of personal power is so very common. You are not alone. We see it every day in the ‘work’ that we do to help thousands of people to find their freedom on the dance floor and in life! We can help to empower you in a joyful way, helping you to have clear boundaries AND an open heart to life! The Magical Movement Journey is a powerhouse of 10 beautiful, immersive, soul stirring sessions that serve your whole being. You can try the free session here or leap straight in here!

Keeeeeeeeeeeep dancing!

Marie x

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