Free Spirit
Thu 6 - Sun 9 January 2022
Veduna Retreats


Special Retreat for documentary

Wed 20 - Wed 27 April 2022
Casa Cuadrau

United Kingdom


Fri 10 - Mon 13 June 2022

The Netherlands

Coming Home
Fri 24 - Mon 27 June 2022
Conferentiecentrum Samaya
Retreat in Dutch | Retreat in het Nederlands


The wellness of Authentic Singing & Dancing

Tue 2 - Sun 7 August 2022
Transmission School

South Africa

Experience the Raw

End of August &
Mid September 2022 (dates to be confirmed)
Luxury tented camp in the Heart of Kruger

Magical You

November 2022 (dates to be confirmed)
Luxury tented camp in Knysna Forest

Experience the power of Authentic Singing and Dancing
in a group of like-minded people during a

I just want to say again how absolutely magical the weekend was. I find myself singing to all the noises around me (the jackhammer on the building site, the fridge in my house) and every time I smile, thinking of all of you. You all enriched my life, even if I won't see you again maybe. May you all be blessed with the magic of song and tones. Thanks Yavin and Upala for opening up the world of toning for me!


I feel that I was witnessed and held, without any push to ‘change’ or be a better version of the self that I showed up as.
Because of all of your ‘witnessing’ I feel emboldened to step into who I am meant to be, and stop hiding in the shadows of a lack of self-confidence and self-love. I feel like my heart has been cracked open, as if I have been opened up to the possibilities life holds, and the possibilities of love. I cannot express how grateful I am to you, Yavin and Upala, and to all of you healers for witnessing me, as me.


We wanted to say again THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. We are still full of enthusiasm when we think about our songdance retreat. We did so many things for the first time in our life like singing and composing our own song with your help. Discovering our voice as a beautiful, alternative way to our Self was an eye opener. A great tool for our inner work journey and definitely different then Yoga and Meditation, the path we most often take.

Camil & Anna

I am taking with me so many precious moments and memories from the retreat. I feel like they are anchored deep in my heart and will stay there for a very long time. I am so grateful for everything I got to experience in this week with you and all the others.

I think it will continue to increase my trust in life and in other people very much. And this is an experience that cannot be taken from me anymore.


This was such a surprising, restorative, heartfelt, gentle experience! I have come back to work refreshed and open. It created real connection and a wonderful sense of community. Yavin was such an example of creating a non-judgemental space of exploration, courage and vulnerability, and Upala held us all safe. Thank you for the experience!


The Songdance workshop met my deep need for community and connection. Through sound and movement, a group of otherwise strangers were able to meet each other meaningfully while remaining absolutely true to our individual selves. It was transformative.


I feel so privileged to have spent time with you! I received a wave of comprehension and understanding that moved me as an ocean. I have received so many of your transmissions. The power of true authenticity creates so many consequences on any aspect of our existence. It allows me to realise what I want in my life, as in how I want to be, what kind of truthfulness to myself and the world I want to be able to reach. The process is still ongoing and as Upala told me, trust within my heart is a great ally of life.
Thank you Yavin and Upala with all my being for what you give to me, to the people, to the world.


I wanted to thank you both again so much for what you have given to me (us). Such a gift indeed! I have never been able to give power to my sung voice, and always told myself ‘ah I don’t have the range’ or some other nonsense, but I was aware there was a big emotional blockage. When I got home last night, I swore, for the first time in my life I sang for real, with power! And also at lows and highs I had never gotten to before. I was in a kind of exhilarated disbelief, and I was trying all these songs I loved, and I could actually sing them!!
You are two incredible human beings. I can’t enough express my gratitude and admiration for what you are sharing and allowing people to pull out of themselves.