Songdance Retreats

Space for you

11 - 15 August 2021
Veduna Retreats, Slovenia

Regain your innate freedom with Authentic Singing and Dancing

You are creative beyond measure. Singing and dancing is your birthright. Maybe your capacity for free authentic expression is buried somewhere deep inside of you, but it is never lost! This is why you deserve a Space for you. A space where you can regain your natural freedom, wisdom and self-healing capabilities. You will be surprised to discover a powerful creativity that is a unique expression of YOU.

Your sound and song are welcome.
Your body and dance are welcome. 
You are welcome, whatever your past story might be.
 Your pains and your laughter are all welcome during this unique Summer Songdance Retreat in the stunning heart of Europe.

A warm welcome to YOU!

Experience a Songdance Retreat

Songdance Retreats offer a unique mix of nature immersion and conscious guidance with music and creative expression through Authentic Singing and Dancing. Under the professional and experienced guidance of Yavin & Upala (founders and directors of Songdance) you'll be invited to gently open up to your inner creativity and self-healing capacities. It's a powerful and deep process which is both effortless and deeply joyful, even when pain and heavy emotions are involved.

During a Songdance Retreat you will always…

  • Be welcomed in a wonderful, natural and conscious environment. We only work with the best retreat centres!
  • Enjoy veggie natural/organic/home-grown food.
  • Work with the power of Authentic Singing & Dancing in a gentle and inviting manner. This includes awesome live music and mantra singing.
  • Be supported to grow and deepen with the experienced and loving guidance of Yavin & Upala.
  • Feel at home with an intimate group of like-minded conscious individuals who all choose to be there in truth and love. We keep our groups small to allow for deeper process work where needed.

A warm welcome to you

Regain your innate freedom with Authentic Singing and Dancing.

A 5-day experiential and immersive retreat experience offering you a Space for YOU. A space for you to relax, enjoy your senses, grow and blossom as a human being. Spending time with a group of like-minded people who all long for more freedom and connection. Eating deliciously healthy and fresh home-grown food. Refreshing yourself in the all-natural pristine swimming pool in the beautiful Veduna Retreat Centre (Slovenia).

The retreat is guided by Yavin & Upala, founders and directors of Songdance. They will lovingly invite you to open up and come home to your body through the powerful practice of Authentic and Dancing. Singing authentically together brings a deep connection between people, creating a safe space where you can be totally yourself, where you can let go, where you can grow and move through whatever comes up in that moment.

The retreat is all about regaining your innate freedom in a joyful and effortless way through movement, sound, music, mantra singing, connection with nature and the hearts of beautiful people. 

You don't need to have any former experience or talent in singing or dancing whatsoever to reap the full benefits of this retreat. Authentic Singing and Dancing is NOT about being 'good' but about being 'true'. 

This is a last-minute offering (retreat is already in August!). Places are limited.
Price: €696 all-inclusive (or more depending on room choice).

I feel so privileged to have spent time with you! I received a wave of comprehension and understanding that moved me as an ocean. I have received so many of your transmissions. The power of true authenticity creates so many consequences on any aspect of our existence. It allows me to realise what I want in my life, as in how I want to be, what kind of truthfulness to myself and the world I want to be able to reach. The process is still ongoing and as Upala told me, trust within my heart is a great ally of life.
Thank you Yavin and Upala with all my being for what you give to me, to the people, to the world. 


Authentic Singing... together

You might already know the power of Authentic Singing from our online offerings. Yet, nothing comes close to the incredible power of a group coming together in sound and song. Singing in a group is always powerful, but our Retreats go further and deeper by adding the authenticity aspect into the mix. A truly magical experience!

Singing has always created a connection between people. Songs are about singing an existing harmony, melody and rhythm, whereas Authentic Singing is about expressing what is present with you in that moment. Authentic Singing brings the truth to the surface for every participant. This not only creates a deep connection, but an immense freedom and growth as well.

From that deep connection, spontaneous mantras emerge that will empower each and every person. Through the power of enticing, uplifting music, you'll be singing and swinging in no time.

Your voice has profound healing capacities that will undoubtedly unlock during the retreat. Authentic Singing is an amazing tool for discovering all about yourself, your healing and growth as a human being.

And, if you think you can't sing, please don't worry! You're not the only one to think that and definitely not the first one to tell us this. Authentic Singing has NOTHING to do with how 'good' or 'trained' you are. On the contrary, untrained singers (or people who took on the belief that they can't sing) find it much easier to be authentic in their singing and sounding than trained singers.

Authentic Dancing...
a beautifully gentle way to open up

At Songdance we are currently working on the release of our next big online program: an Authentic Dancing course - Coming home to the body. With the Year Course Authentic Singing we created a course around the 'Song' and now it's time for the 'dance' within Songdance. The release is set for October/November 2021, but we can't wait to work with the powerful practice of Authentic Dancing during this upcoming retreat.

Your body is not always ready to open up. Perhaps you are very disconnected from your body, your home. Perhaps your body is holding onto stored and stagnant energies that block your free and creative flow and this makes it hard for you to be fully YOU.

Authentic Dancing will slowly yet effortlessly help you to open up and come back home to your body. Bringing joyful movement into your whole body, beyond your limiting beliefs. Learning to accept yourself just as you are, restoring trust in your body whilst honouring your own unique life journey so far.

The framework

During the retreat, we first and foremost create a safe space where everyone can feel at ease to be themselves. A space where anyone can feel safe to go into their personal process without the fear of being rejected, judged or 'fixed'. We work with the power of active listening, of 'just being there' for each other without becoming the 'helper' or 'fixer'. Simply being present and aware with yourself and each other is enough. Magic happens when we trust the rest to your own body's movement, sound, song and breath.

The work

After setting the framework, we focus on opening up and coming home to the body. We cannot really sing or do anything if we're somewhere far away, floating, or a prisoner in our own mind. We then begin to listen to ourselves and each other. Truly listen. What does your voice have to tell you? What does the voice of others have to tell you? Learning to listen is 99% of the work. 

Yet, once you do, the fun can really start. Pure and innocent joy comes in when we engage in playful, free, conscious expression through Authentic Singing and Dancing... together! We form smaller groups, bigger groups and allow all of us to come to life, be seen, be heard. You'll be surprised to see how creative and free you can be!
From this space we move into meditation, contemplation and breathing. Deep insights may come, release may occur, strange sensations may come and go. And a deep knowing that all is just as it should be.
All the while, you will be surrounded by the healing salve of nature with sufficient time to yourself to integrate, relax completely and... enjoy!

The centre

Veduna Retreats is a centre of healing and learning in an environment that is so beautiful, peaceful and nurturing, so in rhythm with Nature, that even the deepest of wounds can be recognised and the healing process lovingly held and supported.

A space where new paradigms are pushed and deeper understandings are gained. Where we rekindle our connection to the land and reconnect with ourselves. For if we want to heal the world, we must seek to know ourselves first.

23 hectares of pristine land, energetically powerful, intensely beautiful and with a mind of its own. Veduna Retreats has a wide variety of facilities, including a large dining area with stunning views, a large yoga and meditation studio, an outside natural swimming pool, arts and crafts studios and treatment spaces.

Discover the centre

I wanted to thank you both again so much for what you have given to me (us). Such a gift indeed! I have never been able to give power to my sung voice, and always told myself ‘ah I don’t have the range’ or some other nonsense, but I was aware there was a big emotional blockage. When I got home last night, I swore, for the first time in my life I sang for real, with power! And also at lows and highs I had never gotten to before. I was in a kind of exhilarated disbelief, and I was trying all these songs I loved, and I could actually sing them!!
You are two incredible human beings. I can’t enough express my gratitude and admiration for what you are sharing and allowing people to pull out of themselves.




Arrival is on Wednesday 11 August after lunch. First session starts at 16:30.
Ending on Sunday the 15 August after lunch. Last session ends at 12:30. 


Veduna Retreats
Lopatnik 4, 3320 Velenje, Slovenia

How much?

€696 per person (or more depending on room choice).

Price includes

  • A 5-day/4-night Songdance Retreat experience with Yavin & Upala.
  • 3 meals a day with organic, home-grown fresh veggie food.
  • An intimate group of max. 20 participants.
  • 26 hours of immersive and experiential group sessions
  • Self-time where you can enjoy beautiful nature, the all-natural pool, taking forest walks


  • Airport pickup from Ljubljana (est. €80) or another airport in an neighbouring country (Trieste, Klagenfurt, Graz & Zagreb). 
  • Afternoon drinks in the centre café (lovely coffees or teas, oat milk lattés, golden curcumin milk, ginger drinks...) and home-baked pastries.
  • Amazing massages at the centre

How to get there

Slovenia is located at the heart of Europe. The retreat centre is:

  • 2 hours drive from Zagreb
  • 3,5 hours drive from Vienna
  • 4 hours drive from Budapest
  • 6 hours drive from Milan
  • 8,5 hours drive from Rome
  • 10,5 hours drive from Berlin & Warsaw
  • 12,5 hours drive from Brussels
  • 13,5 hours drive from Paris & Amsterdam

In other words, from most countries in Europe, it'll only take you 1 or 2 days drive to get to the retreat centre. Or you can fly to one of the following airports, and we can arrange transport (surcharge applies): Ljubljana (closest), Trieste, Klagenfurt, Graz & Zagreb.

About the teachers

Yavin & Upala started Songdance together in 2018. Before Songdance, Yavin had several years of experience giving workshops and retreats with singing and the transformative power of music. Yavin is a naturally talented musician, with piano and voice being his main instruments.

Upala shifted her life direction completely after having a career as an engineer and quality manager. She developed her natural gifts as a healer, designer, artist and space holder.

While going through their own process of healing and transformation, Yavin & Upala created the Year Course Authentic Singing. Since its launch, the course has reached hundreds of people all over the world bringing joy and transformation to their lives.

You will find Yavin & Upala to be professional, intuitive, warm and welcoming, compassionate yet fierce when needed and mature in their guidance of a retreat.

What is Authentic Singing?
Experience our 3 free sessions

Immerse yourself in the Songdance sound universe with these 3 free introductory sessions. The only way to truly understand the power of Authentic Singing is to experience it for yourself. What better way to start than here and now?