The story of Authentic Singing

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This is our love story

A story of how Authentic Singing came to be.
A story of the ultimate surrender to what is. How, out of the blue, our lives were catapulted onto a totally new path of pain and fear with a devastating health diagnosis. But from this was birthed the most beautiful, life changing creation. The creation of Authentic Singing!

Our passion is to inspire, uplift and support those who are yearning to feel better. We invite you into ‘Our story’ so that you can get to know us a little better. We are so happy you found us…

Much love,

Yavin & Upala

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Hello !

Did you enjoy the experience?

Were you able to follow your creative flow and connect with your own voice?

We are Yavin and Upala, and we’d like to share our story with you… our story of how our lives were turned upside down… and how something really precious was born from it…

Back in 2018, just a few months after we started Songdance together, I was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, a tumour in the brain. 

I gradually lost movement in my right arm and leg and I lost my ability to speak, when I needed it the most.

It was so frustrating. Seeing the love of my life slowly losing her ability to communicate. We were used to speaking about all our feelings and now even practical things became hard to convey. It was very scary. 

As a musician and voice transformation coach, I knew singing was a powerful instrument, so, as some kind of last resort, I invited Upala to get up from her hospital bed, and come with me to the stairwell where there was a beautiful acoustic and just sing her heart out.

She was very weak back then, and she had no prior training or education in voice or music whatsoever, but what we experienced there changed our lives forever.

For the first time in my life, I was singing authentically. I remember just surrendering to my sound. It was all just flowing like a river, so naturally, so effortlessly. And in that life-changing moment, something truly magical happened. My sadness, fear and frustration simply gave way to peace of mind, presence and gratitude.

We both knew we had discovered something that was so powerful, yet so simple.  

After the surgery, the only thing I wanted to do was to sing authentically. The singing brought me so much inner strength and healing. It was phenomenal.

As the outcome of the situation was very uncertain, I asked Upala a question… I asked her what she would want to do if she had only one year left to live.

I said, I want to travel and share the gift of Authentic Singing with the world. 

And this is how the Year Course Authentic Singing came about. It was just perfect. It would provide us with the financial means to travel and it would provide people with the support to also engage with the powerful practice of Authentic Singing. 

And so…. our journey began. We created weekly audio sessions for the Year Course Authentic Singing in line with our own healing and awakening process. We were inspired by our surroundings… by nature… by the sound of the birds and the forest… by the vastness of the ocean. We met the most wonderful musicians along the way and created sessions with them. We allowed ourselves to be guided by life and were led to different countries and cultures.

It’s not that we laid out a plan at the start, we simply followed our hearts and created this course whilst continually feeling excited and surprised every week at what inspiration would come forth! 

Sometimes we found ourselves drawn to using instruments like violins and clarinets and at other times we were drawn towards shamanic percussion or deep forest sounds. It was a wonderful unpredictable journey. That’s why you’ll find every audio session in the Year Course is completely unique and at times you may be quite surprised… as we were.

Throughout the creation of the Year Course a profound deepening was taking place within each of us and this makes the course just so organic and natural.

We are so grateful that hundreds of people from all over the world have joined the Year Course, and use Authentic Singing as a tool for more freedom, peace and joy in their lives. 

We are now more than two years past the date of the surgery and Upala is in better shape than ever before. We love sharing this life changing gift of our course with the world. To help YOU to sing your truth so you may become more empowered and authentic.

Much much love to you!

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