The Mantra Collection for Practitioners

With Pro License

Allow the magic to unfold in your own business as the ripples of these mantras reach more people on this Earth. 

The Mantra Collection consists of 40 mantras and songs based on the sessions of the Year Course Authentic Singing. This is an original collection of soul soothing mantras inspired by Yavin and Upala’s time spent travelling this beautiful Earth. A rich, diverse and transformational mix of sound, word and song. Simple and intuitive to follow and join in with, yet powerful in creating positive change in all who experience them.

For Practitioners

Our beautiful Mantras are suitable for all Creative Professionals who yearn to broaden their horizons, deepen their professional practice and take their offerings to a whole new level. From Yoga, dance, movement teachers to meditation facilitators and choir leaders! This is the perfect compliment to your Yoga class, choir or meditation group. You too can bring the magic of Authentic Singing into the lives of your participants, to the people that you care about and serve.

Alongside each Mantra session is a breakdown of its contents to support you in how to implement each mantra into your offering. We hope that this will invite ease into the experience for you as the professional and give you the confidence to share with your group or individual.

Taste the music

The music and mantras from the Mantra Collection are like a soft and nurturing blanket. They are specifically composed so you can be carried through even the deepest of processes. We have used a wide variety of different musical genres and instruments, melodies, harmonies and rhythm! Listen here to some short demo's!

Mantra 1
Let the earth move you

Mantra 6
Up And Down Warm-up

Mantra 11

Indian Harmonies

Mantra 21

Calabash Freestyle

Mantra 22

It's Okay

Mantra 29

Let It Go

The PRO version

The Mantra Collection comes hand in hand with a license for professional use. This gives you a lifelong right to use the Mantra Collection within your business.

What does the Pro Licence give you?

The right to use The Mantra Collection during your live classes, treatments, group sessions, meditation groups, singing circles, etc. This also includes online classes of which the recording/replay can be accessed for a maximum of 48 hours.

What does the Pro Licence not allow?

Using The Mantra Collection during online classes, recordings or live streams that remain accessible for longer than 48 hours.
Using the music in any type of public broadcast, stream, podcast, film or ad is also not allowed even if the stream goes offline within 48 hours.

The Mantra Collection with Pro Licence

The Mantra Collection for Practitioners

  • The Mantra Collection with 40 mantras
  • Pro Licence
  • Lifetime access
  • Email support

One-time payment

This product can only be purchased by existing participants of the Year Course Authentic Singing.

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The Mantra Collection
+ The Year Course Authentic Singing

  • The Mantra Collection with 40 mantras
  • Pro Licence
  • Lifetime access
  • Email support

One-time payment

10 x € 75
Instalment payment every 4 weeks

Our Sales Policy

We offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee on the Year Course Authentic Singing. This applies both to one-time-payment option and to the recurring payment option.

When choosing to pay in instalments, you can cancel anytime. This will stop future payments, and you will retain access to the sessions you already paid for. Cancellation needs to happen 5 days prior to the next recurring payment.

As we offer lifetime access to the sessions, you can follow your own tempo.