Songdance Love Stream

Sunday 5 December 2021

A live stream with Yavin & Upala creating uplifting music where you can express yourself through Authentic Singing & Dancing. For you to feel renewed energy and inspiration.

Feel the love. Live.

A Songdance Love Stream is all about connecting. Connecting to yourself and connecting to people all over the world who are all connecting to themselves at the same time. Connecting to the vibrational field of the live music created by Yavin and the clear-loving vibration of Upala. Connecting to your voice and body. Connecting to your inner child, your deep wisdom, your freedom, your power, your essence…

During a Songdance Love Stream, you’ll feel truly welcome and accepted just the way you are. We create a safe and loving environment so that all parts of you are welcome and can be acknowledged if they choose to show up. The parts of you that think or feel they can’t sing, or can't dance, the parts that doubt, fear and feel guilt… And the part of you that knows that everything is alright, just the way it should be, that you are already healed, that you are already love and loved, that you are enough and perfect.

Los Angeles — 10am
New York — 1pm
London/Lisbon — 6pm
Stockholm/Berlin/Madrid/Brussels — 7pm
Cape Town/Johannesburg — 8pm
Perth/Hong Kong/Singapore — 2am (6 Dec)
Sydney — 5am (6 Dec)
Auckland — 7am (6 Dec)

Simply click the registration button and choose your ticket price. We recommend 9 euro, but feel free to pay as much or as little as you feel. The contributions make this Love Stream and future events possible.

There’s nothing like a live happening. Live Love, flowing strong, through its purest manifestation in the physical realm: sound.

Playing specially for you…


Yavin has been improvising piano since he was 8 years old. There was a piano at his grandmas and he was allowed to tickle tockle jingle jangle on it for 10 minutes every time he visited her. At 12 years old, his parents decided to move the piano to their home, as he liked it so much. Yavin would play for hours on end, slowly but surely figuring out how to make harmony, melody, and rhythm with the impressive instrument. Unlike most of his family, he didn’t study music or even learned to read notes. He preferred making music on his own and figuring it out along the journey. This makes him a unique musician today, able to create songs, mantras, and soundscapes on the spot, simply tuning in to the energy of the moment and the group.


Upala is a true authentic singer and dancer. She’ll use her voice and body to give expression to all that is in her, sometimes raw and exhilarating, other times like a soft feather floating on the wind. She is not a trained singer and is therefore the perfect bridge between Yavin's professional musicianship and the audience joining in. Upala holds a powerful space, through her presence, for everyone to connect deeply with themselves. Her freedom of expression forms an inspiration for many to give themselves permission to sing and move in a more open and expressive way. She'll mostly speak with her radiant eyes and elegant body movements, bringing ease and stillness or more dynamic energy when called for…    

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