Het Jaartraject Authentiek Zingen

In het Nederlands

Authentiek Zingen is klank geven aan de energie van het moment. Het is je stem gebruiken als tool om dieper in contact te komen met wie je werkelijk bent. Het maakt daarbij niet uit of je goed kunt zingen of je stem kraakt en piept. Authentiek Zingen combineert meditatie en zang om jou als mens vrijer te maken en zodoende jouw stem vrijer te laten klinken. 

  • 40 transformatieve audiosessie van +/- 20 minuten om thuis authentiek te zingen, je stem te ontdekken en bevrijden.
  • Een krachtige en tegelijk speelse manier om je te bevrijden van conditioneringen en geblokkeerde emoties.
  • Volg je eigen tempo, de sessies blijven van jou. 
  • Prachtige mantra's en muzikaal diverse klanklandschappen. Telkens weer verrassend anders.

Intekenen op het Jaartraject Authentiek Zingen

Vanwege de aanhoudende Coronacrisis bieden we momenteel 40% korting op het Jaartraject Authentiek Zingen.

Het Jaartraject Authentiek Zingen

  • Het Jaartraject met 40 wekelijkse audiosessies
  • Groepsondersteuning: maandelijkse online meetups
  • Kennisdatabank
  • Levenslange toegang tot de sessies
  • Ondersteuning via e-mail

€ 499


Eenmalige betaling

€ 57


Tien herhaalbetalingen
om de 4 weken.

Het Jaartraject
Authentiek Zingen

  • Het Jaartraject met 40 wekelijkse audiosessies
  • Groepsondersteuning: maandelijkse online meetups
  • Kennisdatabank
  • Levenslange toegang tot de sessies
  • Ondersteuning via e-mail
  • Het Mantrapakket met 40 mantra's
  • Pro-licentie

€ 648


Eenmalige betaling

€ 75


Tien herhaalbetalingen
om de 4 weken.

Het Mantrapakket

Ben je al ingeschreven voor het Jaartraject Authentiek Zingen en wens je het Mantrapakket en de PRO-licentie toe te voegen aan je account?
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Eenmalige betaling van € 199

Ons verkoopbeleid

Songdance gaat voluit voor tevreden deelnemers. Daarom bieden we een 30 dagen geld-terug-garantie. Dit geldt zowel voor de eenmalige als voor de periodieke betalingsoptie.

Als je kiest voor de periodieke betaling, dan kun je het Jaartraject te allen tijde stopzetten. Je behoudt daarbij de sessies waarvoor je reeds betaalde, maar toekomstige betalingen worden geannuleerd. Let wel: een stopzetting dient steeds te gebeuren 5 dagen vóór de verwerking van de eerstvolgende periodieke betaling.

De sessies blijven levenslang van jou, dus je kunt met een gerust hart je eigen tempo volgen.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can cancel or pause the Year Course?

If you cancel within 30 days you will receive a full refund. After that, you can cancel anytime when you choose for the option to pay in instalments. You will then keep the sessions you already paid for.

It is not possible to pause instalment payments. Since the Year Course offers you lifetime access to the sessions you can follow your own tempo.

What payment options do I have?

You can choose a one-off payment or 10 automatic instalments (every 4 weeks). Payment will commence as soon as you sign up for the course. You can choose to pay by credit card or with PayPal.

Do you give bursaries or scholarships?

Not at this time. We like to give as much free content as we can, such as our monthly free live streams via YouTube. TIP: you can receive a discount on the course by signing up for our free Introductory Session. Also, many people find the instalment payment option easier financially and this may be something to consider.

Are there shorter courses available?

Yes, you can take a look at the Inner Child Healing Journey, which is a much shorter (and cheaper) program.

The beauty of the Year Course is that you have lifetime access to the sessions. This means you can take all the time you need to complete the sessions.

Why is it more expensive to pay in 10 instalments?

The instalment payment plan allows you to cancel anytime, giving you more flexibility. 

When will my first payment be taken?

Your first payment will be processed the day you book the course.

How can I pay my next instalment?

Each instalment will be automatically taken from your credit card or PayPal account that you signed up with. If you have any payment issues please do contact us directly, and we will endeavour to solve the problem.

The Course

How long is the course?

The course consists of 40 weekly sessions, but you can take as long as you like to do each weekly session. Once each week is unlocked, you will have lifetime access and can revisit the session anytime.

How long is each session?

Each weekly session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and can be repeated as many times as you like with lifetime access.

Can I download the weekly sessions?

Yes, every session is yours for life to download and keep.

Can I share the  sessions with others?

The weekly sessions are for your own personal use only but feel free to share with your household. You can purchase our PRO licence if you would like to use our sessions and mantras in your own business or activities. Please visit here for more info.

Can I do the course in less time / more quickly?

Not usually. Each week is unlocked one week at a time giving you time to repeat the sessions as many times as you like and time to deepen your experience as the effects of the session settle into your body and psyche. We feel that the Year Course is most beneficial when taken slowly and steadily. In extenuating circumstances we may be able to unlock some weeks earlier if you email us with your situation.

What support do I receive during the Year Course?

The weekly sessions are led by Yavin, the founder of Songdance, who will guide you in a deeply supportive session each week. You will be singing and sounding with him to unique and transformational soundscapes.
Additionally, we have monthly Online Meetups and our Facebook Community which our participants find very helpful. A chance to discuss how you are feeling, ask us any questions you have about Authentic Singing. A real sense of community where you can connect to others on the course, make new friends and support each other also.

We also offer email support, a weekly session comments section, website chat support, and monthly free global live streams to sing your heart out.
For 1:1 support we also offer various levels of Authentic Singing coaching. Please contact us if you are interested in this. 

Where can I hear an example of the weekly sessions?

If you scroll up and listen to Yavin’s presentation video on this page, there you will find snippets from two weekly sessions and how the course works.
Also, feel free to sign up for our free introductory session to get a taste of the experience. 

Should I speak English well to understand the course?

All the sessions are spoken in English so a basic level of understanding is required. However, Yavin speaks clearly and slowly to allow for this. Even with basic English you will be able to understand and sense the intention for the session and enjoy the beautiful music. The mantras are simple and easy to recall and sound. You are also encouraged frequently to use your own words and sounds, and it is not necessary to always use the words from the mantras.

Is this a live / interactive course?

Each session is a pre-recorded audio file where you will be led by Yavin, the founder of Songdance. You will be invited to sound and sing with him to each beautiful, unique soundscape. The energy of the sessions is very much ‘alive’ and many people feel as if Yavin is speaking to them live in their living room.

Can I listen on all devices?

Yes all audio sessions can be listened to and downloaded to all devices.

The Pro Version

Is The Mantra Collection based on the mantras in the Year Course?

Yes. All the mantras are inspired by Yavin and Upala’s travels around many countries and cultures giving you a diverse and uplifting mantra experience. You can find more information here along with a demo that you might find helpful.

What rights does the Pro License give me?

We have a few terms and conditions for use of the Mantra Collection in your business. All rights and details can be found on this page.

Can I record my classes / groups using The Mantra Collection?

Yes you can, but replays can only be made available for 48 hours. For all the terms and conditions please go here.

Can I buy the Pro License and The Mantra Collection later?

Existing Year Course participants can purchase the Mantra Collection with PRO licence as a one-off payment here. Bear in mind that you get a package deal by signing up for the Pro version of the course immediately. Buying the pro licence afterwards will cost you more.