Do you want more joy,
freedom and creativity in your life?

Healing your inner child is
one of THE most powerful
ways of healing.

Inner Child Healing Journey

Vocal Sounds for your Inner Child 

A healing program with powerful guidance and mantras to nurture a loving connection with your inner child.

You can become the loving parent or companion that your inner child longs for. Using your own vocal sound will help you to connect deeply with your younger self.
Our unresolved childhood wounds are often deeply buried, and it can be hard to heal those in a trauma-informed way. Using vocal sound and mantra singing offers a safe and effective way to do so.

This program is self-paced and the sessions, mantras and instrumental tracks can be enjoyed for the rest of your life.

Why inner child healing?

There is probably not a single one of our negative beliefs, fears and conditionings that didn’t somehow originate in our childhood. As it holds the core of our deepest conditionings, our inner child also holds the greatest liberation potential!

So what is the inner child? It mostly is one of two things, or a combination of both...

         It can be a symbol of hope 
For many people their inner child is representative of a more free and playful state of being. A child is considered infinitely creative, innocent, speaking its mind, singing and dancing freely. Every human is in fact this in nature. But many of us lose these qualities along the way. The inner child is a reminder, a beacon of hope to reintegrate these very qualities.

         It can be a symbol of trauma energy 
For some people the inner child is carrying traumatic childhood memories. This child is feeling hurt, not seen or loved, scared and alone. He or she is waiting for you to connect with them, slowly, slowly… This child is carrying your deepest pains so that you can attend to them, resolve them and relieve the burden from the child within. You become the loving parent or companion, giving your inner child a return to freedom and the unconditional love it truly deserves. And in doing so, you are giving yourself a return to freedom and unconditional love. You set yourself free.

Whatever you consider your inner child to be, connecting with him or her and engaging in healing work, reintegrating your inner child with you as an adult, is probably one of the most effective and profound healing work you can ever do.

Our unique approach…

  • We use the power of our voice as a guide, as healing instruments, as a bringer of truth.
  • We use the power of music as a cradle, as a warm blanket for you and your inner child, as an energetic key to open you up to unresolved emotions and feelings.
  • We use the power of visualization to connect with your inner child in a safe, gentle and truthful way.

What is Vocal Sound Healing? 

Vocal Sound Healing is all about making sound in tune with the energy of the moment. Using your voice as a tool to connect more deeply with who you really are. It is not about the ability to sing ‘right’ or 'well', it's about using your voice to sing the 'truth of the moment'.

Vocal sound healing in its very nature is a form of meditation and self transformation. By producing natural and untethered vocal sounds, you gradually set yourself free as a human being. The voice lifts internal blockages, emotional baggage and even physical ailments. This in turn opens up your voice, making it flow more freely as ever.

Your inner child is patiently waiting...
Waiting for you to take you home.

What's in the program?

The sessions of the program consist of moments of vocal sound healing alternated by deep and engaging mantras. You'll receive 5 completely different sessions, each with their own unique healing theme, approach and musical universe.

Each session is about 20 minutes in length, to be done when you want, where you want and how many times you want. You can download the sessions or stream them via this website on any device. 

Sessions come in different formats: a guided version, an instrumental version for when you no longer need guidance, and a mantra. This way, you always have access to exactly what you need in each moment.

Inner Child
Establishing connection

In this session, you will meet your inner child and nurture a loving and respectful reconnection where both your voices are welcomed and heard. You will create a space where the story of your life can be heard through your voice, allowing your body, heart and soul to communicate without judgement.

Feel The Truth Inside
Reclaim your innocence

This session is an invitation to give sound to your pain and sing words of innocence and love to you and your inner child so that you may find the courage to live life to the fullest. A soulful mantra will be sung to soothe you as you sing your truth with your inner child.

I Live My Life
Take your life in your hands again

This session is an invitation to give sound to your anger, letting go of the responsibility of your past and stepping into your sovereignty. Together, we will sing  an empowering mantra to break free from the unhealthy patterns of your past. A powerful mantra that takes you into a celebration of your life full of potential and possibilities, so that you can live a life full of joy and freedom.

Cherry Blossom Child
Sing for the Love you are

This session supports you in remembering that you, like all children on Earth, are born as Oneness, as Love. Your inner child holds the key to this truth. Be inspired by the story of the Cherry Blossom Child as she brings you back to this core truth and then sing for the love that you are.

 'Here with You'

This is a time to honour your healing and connection with your inner child. May this beautiful mantra act as a soothing and loving lullaby to you both. May it ease your mind and usher in a sense of peace and serenity to your heart and soul. As one, as Love.

What others have experienced

Thank you for trusting me when I had no more trust

I am most grateful from the depth of my heart. You trusted that I could make sound, even when years of pain surfaced in the body. You trusted that sound would carry the tears and pain, and I followed you till the end and sang the mantra over and over and over again until the child felt peace. Thank you for trusting me when I had no more trust and hope left in myself or humanity.


The tears I shed and the laughs I shared

So very powerful for me. To create this safe space. Forgiveness. It's been a topic in my life the last weeks and months. I feel more forgiveness towards myself. More acceptance of myself. More softness towards myself. The tears I shed and the laughs I shared with my inner child and the sounds we made together, it went through me and me through it, fusing at times. It has been a beautiful stepping stone to healing our relationship and my healing process in general. Thank you so so so so much for this beautiful creation.


This course offers new elements in my workshop

As a Psychotherapist, I lead workshops on “healing the inner child”. This course offers new elements in my workshop. The mantra is inspiring: 'oh my child, I am here, here with you'. It's like a lullaby. After I listened to it, I kept singing this mantra. Grateful for Yavin's beautiful singing, which is warm and with love. I have one more tool to share and the mantras lift me up when I am feeling blue.

Helen Ho ... Psychotherapist

I like these African sounds very much

Oh so lovely, playful and free. That knowing of a child that imitates, made me relax and go with the flow. As a child I lived in Tanzania, so these African sounds I like very much. It is such a free way to use the voice.

Ditte Mira

I can meet life and others with more heartfelt authenticity

This healing journey brought me in closer relationship with my inner child (my most vulnerable self). It helped me release many emotions and celebrate the joy of being alive. Overall, a liberating experience. Possibly the greatest insight was that when I truly meet my inner child and allow her to voice her sadness, anger, loneliness … on the other side of the emotional release are pure joy, deep compassion and connectedness. Positive changes continue as I revisit the inner child course (and do the authentic singing course) - most significant is this: when my inner child gets to have a say in my life, I can meet life and others with more heartfelt authenticity, and I am gradually making more room for singing, dancing, and playfulness to come in.

Diana ... Yoga / meditation teacher & writer

My voice only wanted to join the beauty

It was so amazing. Beautiful to listen to the music and words, it deeply touched me. I had no difficult feelings, but I felt spaciousness and wonder, and I was singing with my heart to join the music. As if, for that moment, my voice only wanted to join the beauty… It was as if I could rise up, join the beauty, feel the beauty. Now, I accept my voice the way it is, that means, accept myself, as the voice is an in time reflection of myself and I love singing in the moment. This work is connected with our heart, with love, it also demands time and patience, to go further into this inner work. Gratitude for your musical compositions and your sensitivity.

Jacqueline BRENGARD ... Reflexologist

Moving away from “I cannot sing”

Yavin's words really touched me as I had lost my inner child through strict discipline, physical and emotional punishment that left me “not heard” and always trying to please my parents. I have done a lot of personal and spiritual work on myself in my life, but have never used sound. I hugged and sang to my inner child and eventually played and danced with her. The mantra singing was very comforting as I hugged myself and sang with my whole body. Then I freed my arms and danced and sang louder and stronger. My body vibrated, and I sensed a strong beam of white light from the heavens. I am so amazed how sound, singing, music can be used as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. I am also doing the Year Authentic Singing, and I am starting to notice how wonderful and powerful both courses are as I am breaking the barrier of “I cannot sing” into feeling lighter and calmer.


I think this is the best gift ever!

It is a courageous decision I made to set all fear and reservations aside and enter the process, but I am feeling a lot of gratitude. Thank you, I think this is the best gift ever! I am feeling so relaxed, safe, and trusting yet excited and curious too. It is the newly found trust in my voice. There is such intelligence, truth and guidance in it. It is so simple, I let these sessions lead me on this healing journey.

Claire ... Eurythmist retired

Yavin’s voice drew out emotions from the depths of my being

This was a powerful, deeply moving and ultimately liberating experience for me. The piano and Yavin’s voice led the way and immediately drew out emotions from the depths of my being. I was able to trust this journey, let the visualization of a safe place come and then also allow sounds to come out of me and my inner child. The tears I shed were not just tears of sorrow and pain, but also tears of joy for this very touching moment of connection with my inner child. Feeling very grateful. 🙏


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