I Hear You

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How many times in your life have you truly felt heard and listened to? Do you feel worthy of someone’s full attention? Especially in those moments that really matter, when something big is going on inside of you, when life feels raw, painful, hopeless or scary. 

How many times have you been cut off mid-sentence by a well-meaning loved one, the wind taken out of your sails, leaving you feeling despondent and wondering what’s the point in sharing. Were you often silenced as a child, berated for making a fuss about nothing or told to be quiet when you really didn’t feel like being quiet? I bet we can all relate to that as children AND as parents!

Now, let’s turn this on its head. Hands up if you’re guilty of trying to be ‘the fixer friend’. Where you’re big, beautiful heart is in the right place, but you just want to wave your magic wand with some kind words of encouragement and fix the problem. Or have you been known whilst empathising to jump into a person’s conversation with your tales of woe because you can relate to what they’re saying, shutting them down, halting their flow because, in that moment, your story seemed more important than theirs?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all done this, many times over. We are all a glorious work in progress.

The art of listening is a learned skill. A skill most of us have probably never been taught so please don’t give yourself a hard time. Very few are natural, true listeners. True listening is an opportunity to leave the well-intentioned magic wand at the door and step in with open ears and an open heart. No agenda, no expectation, no judgement, no need to fix or change anything. Simply holding space for a person to express what is. 

We are all a living, breathing, walking, talking expression of what is. Our bodies innate, intelligent design is a vessel meant for expression and creativity in all its glory! We were born with the ability to move and dance, to sing and make sound, and to feel! But over time, when we shut down, censor or filter those aspects of ourselves we wither, no longer able to thrive.

The Magic of Alchemy!

The magic of alchemy happens when one person speaks from an open heart and the other truly listens with an open heart. You can feel it, sense it. It’s a palpable heightened awareness that can be felt in the air, perhaps sometimes with tingles and tears! A true heart connection. You are The Witness to energy moving through the emotional, physical, mental and emotional body, transmuting before your very eyes. 

I invite you to play in the NOW. To speak and listen in the present moment. The listener with no expectations, no attachments, no agenda. The speaker is able to express whatever is in their heart in its entirety, completely; despite the nerves, the fears and the shaky voice. What truth is yearning, or sometimes even screaming, to be let out? 

I will leave you with one of my favourite sayings…

Listen to the whispers of your body, so you don’t have to hear them scream’

What if everybody could do this for themselves and for each other. What if everybody on this Earth could hold space for even the gentlest of whispers to be expressed… To say I Hear you to all the whispers of truth and wisdom our voices have to offer.

Our Community’s Wisdom

The energy of I hear you cradles every gathering within our amazing Year Course Authentic Singing community. We meet, support and share regularly once a month and together we learn how to become better listeners so we can simply hold space for each other. We continue to be deeply touched by each and every person who bravely voices what resides in their heart. Wisdom, courage and self expression are alive and thriving within our Authentic Singing community and it feels so good and so necessary in today’s world! 

If you’re feeling the call, please check out our Year Course here for more info.

Written from the heart by Marie from the Songdance Team.

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