How dance saved my life

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I feel truly blessed to be writing this blogpost to you. What a goose bump moment! Because, quite honestly, I know from the depths of my soul that my whole life has been leading me to this moment: to the imminent launch of Songdance’s Magical Movement Journey.

Us human beings are such complex creatures, aren’t we? Emotionally, mentally, biologically, physically… Yet, what I have learned the hard way is that, despite our complexities, the path to wellness is so very simple. By simply being YOU. A path of self-expression, authenticity and creativity in your amazing bodies! 

Even though my life has been very difficult at times, my pain and adversity have become my wisdom, my strength and my superpower! Rising from rock bottom ignited a fire in me… A passion to ignite the fire in others through music and dance. 




I feel driven to create something that would have helped me all those years ago when I was so inhibited in life. I am also deeply passionate that everything I create is completely accessible and inclusive to everyBODY! We all have a right to dance, to sing, express ourselves and feel abundant joy regardless of our age, size, shape, fitness level or experience. If you have a body, and you can move it, then this dance course is for YOU! My motto…

“We were all born into these extraordinary bodies… We may as well have some fun in them!”

Since 2015, I have been teaching The Nia Technique; a movement and dance practice for body & mind. With many years previously as a Senior Healthcare professional and Master Reiki Practitioner, I use my deep understanding of the physical body, energy body and psyche to teach and cultivate body awareness. This is my other ‘job’ and I LOVE it! I have created a thriving, holistic and fun class experience for hundreds of beautiful souls who have chosen to dance through life with me. 

All the golden nuggets of my soulful career in dance and wellness have been intuitively woven into our Magical Movement Journey. These are the practices that I believe create the most joy and freedom and will truly set your well-being in motion! For all the info and to sign up for your very own dancing journey visit here.

Dancing love to you!



Marie dancing on one of the sessions of the Magical Movement Journey

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  • Very nice to hear your experience with your voice and dance..
    My free question is if you take the year course is that also with the dance movement ?

    • Hi Odette,
      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      The Year Course Authentic Singing and the Magical Movement Journey are two separate courses. Though there is some movement in the Year Course too. If you have any further questions please do let me know