Healing Wave - Online Workshop

The healing power of a group

A Healing Wave is a 3-hour online workshop limited to 12 people guided by Yavin and Upala.

Each participant will be invited to express their intention for this Healing Wave. It could be a wish for deep transformation, bringing healing to your past, it could be a desire to let go, it could be a longing to find more grounding or maybe gain more ability to manifest your dreams. 

An intimate, powerful online workshop aimed at deep personal growth and transformation. What is healed in me, is healed in you, is healed in all. By working with the group's intuition, voice, movement and authentic expression, we will create a powerful transformational energy, a Healing Wave.

What is healed in me,
is healed in you,
is healed in all...

Yavin & Upala will work with each participant individually starting from their intention. This person will then receive a ‘Healing Wave’, which is an active healing and transformational ritual engaging both the individual as well as the whole group in the process.

Each ‘Healing Wave’ is unique and tailored to the individual. It can involve authentic expression such as singing or dancing or there might be particular breathing exercises or conscious practices. The group is always involved in the Healing Wave, sometimes by just being present and other times by singing, praying, meditating or sending the receiver healing energy. 

Although not every participant will receive a Healing Wave, we work from the principle that ‘what is healed in me, is healed in you, is healed in all’. The mere fact of being an active part of such group healing energies is very powerful. 

Bring your heart's desire to this safe space and be prepared to be surprised, amazed and in awe as the magic of our united hearts unfolds!

Practical details

The Workshop will be hosted on Zoom. 

Webcam, headphones and microphone are required!

More dates coming up!

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