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Last month, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to help realize Upala’s dream to record a musical album.

In the meantime, Upala’s health has declined further significantly. The intracranial pressure is causing a multitude of function loss, making it challenging for her to bring up the focus to make the original dream a reality.

However, your immense generosity both in energy and financial support has put in motion such a strong field that a new approach has arisen that is actually much more intimate and meaningful than the first version.

The past few weeks, we have been rehearsing in micro doses for a beautiful moment ritual that centers around Upala’s free movement and sound.
This sacred dance ritual will be filmed, and set to music, with the end result shared with you all.

We would like to give you a sneak peek into one of the rehearsal moments. For those having known Upala over the years, this video might come as a ‘heart shock’. 

Aspects of Upala are straddling another realm, far away. Yet, the joy of seeing her come to life through the authentic expression in this rehearsal is truly heart gripping and will stop your breath for a moment.

You can still contribute financially, if you haven’t done so yet. We know many of you tried to donate but couldn’t because there is no option to donate with credit card (an unfortunate turn of events by the platform we chose).
However, as a workaround, simply click PayPal, which allows you to pay with your credit card safely and easily.


Although she cannot express it verbally, I know that Upala is beyond grateful for the more than 180 people who have collectively donated over €8000 so far.


Sending you so much love and immeasurable appreciation,

Jacob & Upala

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I Hear You

I Hear You


How many times in your life have you truly felt heard and listened to? Do you feel worthy of someone's full attention?
  • Dear Yavin and Upala my deepest love to both of you. That is one of the most moving video’s I have ever watched. Bless you both for your courage, vulnerability and open hearts.

  • Beloved Upala, In deepest Love and Presence I am with you. Bless your song that it may fly on the wings of Eternal angels… for you are one of them.

  • Helemaal ontroerd…diep geraakt… zo veel moed…zo veel liefde…wat een schoonheid en kracht… eigenlijk geen woorden voor
    Diep respect en veel liefde en licht voor jullie

  • Oh this was so beautiful! Upala is such a beautiful soul. It has been a treasure knowing of her. Sending you both so much love as you move through these sacred moments together. Thank you, Upala, for being a gift to this world.

  • So much love to you Upala and Jacob and 100% support in realising your dream. You are so brave and such an inspiration. Seeing your beautiful light.

  • Jullie verbinding, toewijding en liefde voor elkaar… het is Schoonheid in de puurste vorm.
    Dank om mee het liefdevolle veld te mogen dragen dat jullie omringt… want hoe hard ook, jullie wandelen niet alleen.
    Dank dat jullie jullie missie leven, vanuit het diepste van jullie Hart. Het is een wonderlijk geschenk en bijdrage aan de wereld.
    Mooie Upala, mooie Jacob Yavin, jullie zijn twee stralende zielen, verbonden in liefde die tijd en ruimte ver overstijgen.
    Al mijn liefde, kracht en dank aan jullie in deze uitdagende tijd.

  • The most beautiful flower unfurling…….Xxxx Much love to you and all your families during this precious time….OXOX

  • Grace…… Love…….. Courage……. Collaboration……. Tenderness………. Intimacy……… Beauty…….. These are words that at best point toward what my heart experienced as I watched this video. Love flowing strong to you from here in the wooded hills of NE Georgia, USA.

  • I am so heart-broken. You are being so strong and so brave. I wish all of you the dearest and deepest love while you are on this journey. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and touching tribute. xxx viv

  • Ongelooflijk hoe vlug de ziekte terrein wint. Ongelooflijk ook hoe Karen reageert op de muziek van haar geliefde! Super hoe jullie haar meenemen in haar liefste bezigheden : zingen en dansen! Karen ziet er gelukkig uit. Ik wens jullie veel goede moed! Het filmpje is alvast een mooie creatie!💕🙏