Experience Authentic Singing

Authentic Singing is about singing what is. It is giving sound to the energy of this moment. Whether you are an experienced singer or your voice sounds rusty, over time Authentic Singing has the potential to liberate both you and your voice.

The 5 Key Benefits of Authentic Singing

There are 5 key areas where Authentic Singing can be very beneficial:


Finding your voice

Have you been silenced in the past or as a child? Or trying to be someone else other than YOU, trying to fit in or adapt to protect yourself?

So what is your voice? Are you able to speak your truth? This is why our slogan is ‘Sing Your Truth’ because we have witnessed from thousands of people that Authentic Singing helps you find your voice again. This is THE most common experience we hear about time and time again. People opening up, blossoming, finding their voices, being able to fully express themselves again! Becoming authentic, living an authentic, meaningful life.


Liberating your voice and emotions

Authentic Singing goes deeper and further than most singing lessons. Why? Because it is working on the emotional level.

Our voices are often limited not because of our body but because of our psyche. Your body is actually capable of ALL expression, but we limited by emotional blockages, beliefs and conditionings.

Liberating those emotional blockages is something that takes time and happens with gentle encouragement and full support. That's why our Year Course Authentic Singing consists of many small baby steps to create a big change over time. Slowly embracing all the emotions we have, our voice opens of its own accord.


Your voice as a healing tool

For thousands of years, man has known that our voices are instruments of healing, for ourselves and for others. It is our ancient, sacred birthright. And on some level, we all long for this potential to be realized and reignited again. That's why our Year Course is packed with deep and powerful mantras that will reignite this healing potential in your voice.

We also offer a PRO version of the Year Course for creative practitioners who are already aware of the healing power of sound, voice and mantra to be able to use all our mantras in their yoga classes, dance classes, meditation groups, 1:1 coaching sessions, gatherings with friends and loved ones.


Personal growth and conscious evolution

Many of us on the planet have a deep yearning to become MORE. More conscious, more self-aware. In this way, we have witnessed that Authentic Singing can be more profound and effective than therapy. We have heard from our participants many times over, they have done many years of therapy but after a few sessions of Authentic singing they achieved bigger breakthroughs than they had in these many years.

Why? How is that possible? Talking therapy can be very beneficial, but you are often limited to speaking. Whereas the voice and Authentic Singing involves the whole person: the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level, and the spiritual level. It travels through the cells, vibrates through the tissue, through the bones, in the organs. This makes it such a powerful agent for healing and growing as a human being.

We know that doing this practice gradually, consistently, continuously will make you steadfast. Steadfast in your mood, your decisions, truly anchored in your core. On the Year Course Authentic Singing, you build a strong, resilient foundation where you are no longer swayed by the energies of fear or doubt. Instead, you are anchored in this deep awareness. Isn't that what we all long for?


Learn to play again!

Authentic Singing is a joyful adventure of remembering who you truly are, to enjoy being YOU. Just like a child, the best way to learn is by playing! Children learn the most by simply playing and being exposed to new stimuli whilst they are playing! As adults, our world becomes so small, new experiences are rare as routine takes over and life becomes serious and full of responsibility. Our comfort zones keep us small. We have forgotten how to PLAY!

On the Year Course Authentic Singing you will have fun making music, singing, moving and most importantly you are exposed to new stimuli every week. Every session is completely different, you never know what is going to happen, so the ego has no ability to prepare itself and set expectations of yourself. You are simply playing in the present moment. This element of surprise and play carries huge growth potential.

Singing is your birthright!

Join our amazing Authentic Singing family for heartfelt connection and care…