Everything is mind

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Everything is mind. Even the highest of the highest Self is still mind. Energy is mind. The very existing of this whole universe is mind. Go to the core of mind, beyond concepts such as narrative and consciousness, and there is pure and simple existence. Unborn, undying, endless. Divine beingness.

Since we are experiencing it all from the perspective of one little angle, with our own narrative, it is important to see the bigger movement going on for every single seemingly separate entity. We are all moving from abstracting small concepts towards abstracting bigger concepts. Eventually, we come to a point we have to abstract ourselves. This is where we are faced with the impossible truth, that we each create our own universe.

How did I end up here? Separate, seemingly together with some other folks on this planet, but still pretty much alone with my thoughts and feelings. Why would anyone in its right mind create such a giant pile of misery? I mean, if I had to do it over again, create my world again, I would probably create one of connection rather than separation, right?

But then it gets interesting. If there is no separation, there cannot be happening anything. We can all move and evolve as one, but since there is no one but us to see that evolution, there is no evolution, is there? It’s all just happening outside of the notion of time, outside of the notion of narrative (something with a beginning and an end).

So, I think the oneness in heaven must have become bored somehow with being its eternal self and created concepts. And to carry these concepts, it created mind. Mind was now existing in heaven as a container for concepts. At first there must have been very basal concepts such as light, sound and awareness. Now the oneness was experiencing itself as light, as sound, all at the same time. It must have been quite a spectacle. 

You notice I write about the past as if this all happened many years ago and we somehow ended up here. However, it’s important to start feeling that it is actually still happening. We are existing because of the belief in lower level concepts. We – at all times – can again make abstraction of these concepts and… voila… we can be back in the oneness in heaven. 

Unfortunately, there is a tricky part to it. The concepts of fear, guilt and shame have created giant attachments to this reality. We are constantly motivated by these feelings to invest more energy in maintaining these lower level concepts, even deepening them, rather than making abstractions of them.

The Course in Miracles is used by many as a concrete tool to undo oneself of the attachments to fear, guilt and shame. The book proposes a simple antidote: forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation

A Course in Miracles

If one can forgive oneself for ever believing in the validity of separation, then one is forgiving all the suffering and misery in the world inside and out. 

Separation is a great concept and to some extent one could even say it’s fun to experience it, but is it truly worth all this pain?

I haven’t answered this question for myself yet. It’s sometimes easier to enjoy a nice meal with people you love and not think about the hundreds of people who are at the same time starving to death. If guilt, fear and shame is the price that comes with separation and it motivates people to act in such a way that causes tremendous pain to others, I don’t know if I still want to invest in the concept of separation.

That’s why I think so many people are attracted to the idea of oneness. The idea that we are all connected or even all just one. Singing and meditation are definitely powerful tools to achieve levels of reconnecting with that oneness. But more often than not, it is still the ‘I’ that is experiencing the oneness, experiencing the singing. And that I is at the same time still creating a world where there are so many people suffering from conflict.

So, I don’t know. I really don’t. And that’s ok.


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  • Every word is true of me and true in general! I occasionally sing my feelings and it has been very helpful. However as Lianne’s experience was, so has mine been. And just as your comments point out, it is all our own doing, including the situation where I am in poverty, living precariously on a Government age pension. And can’t afford to join this work. If you have the chance can you point me in another direction where I can ‘learn to wake up’ and begin to heal. I am also very interested in A Course in Miracles! Any possible help would be very very much appreciated!

    • Hi Irene
      Have you considered the monthly payment option with us? It might be a more affordable way of buying the course. This course can give you the support you yearn for I’m sure. You can pause at any time or cancel. Hope that helps you some. Lots of love to you x