Inner Glow

Day Retreat | Friday 14 april
Elaisa Energetic Wellness (BE)


A Day to Relax, Recharge & Remember

Dear friends,

It's not every day that one gets the chance to host a retreat at such a special place like Elaisa Energetic Wellness. It truly is a treasure chest, and a huge one for that matter.

This retreat will be a fusion of Vocal Sound Healing, Thermal therapies and Intention in Sacred Geometrical spaces. Elaisa which stands for Egypt - Lemuria - Atlantis - Inner Source Activation is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Hoge Kempen National park.

I'm always touched by the presence of the human-size crystals that are spread out throughout the Egyptian inspired temple architecture.

We'll make good use of the high energy already present to fully dive into a day filled with vocal sound healing, connection with yourself and the other participants.

I'm opting for an intimate setting with just 16 participants, so we can fully benefit from the exclusivity we'll have in various saunas and spaces.

I have a lovely day planned, and I can't wait to meet you there!

With love,


My intention for this retreat

Elaisa Energetic Wellness offers a unique experience of thermal therapies including saunas and hot baths within spaces of geometric formations. Now imagine making sound in these sacred spaces?

Heat and bathing have a wonderful effect on our nervous system, just like sound making does. During this Day Retreat, we will combine both and through setting intention, offer to ourselves an amazing cocktail of wellbeing.

It is my intention to create a unique group sound experience by making sound in various saunas and spaces. Each space will exert a different influence, both from an energetic and acoustic perspective.

  • Sounding around the grand piano in the mineral bath
  • Letting our voices melt together in the Laconium with its beautiful acoustics
  • Private infusion (opgiet) only for our group
  • Our own room (Avalon) for intention placing and sharing
  • Fire ceremony with our group

Your intention for this retreat?

A day like this is first and foremost about taking time out, relaxing, and recharging. And, it will go deeper than that. The sound work we'll do is a powerful practice that will enable you to remember…

Remember what? This is only something you can recall for yourself. Your sacred sound and the powerful energy of Elaisa will give you exactly what you need on that given day.
When looking at the pictures, if you can imagine yourself coming home to yourself, to your body, to your voice, then this is where you need to be. What will be your intention on the 14th of April?

  • Do you long to gain a deeper connection with your own voice?
  • Do you love singing and sounding together in group? 
  • Would you enjoy mantra singing around the piano in an amazing setting?
  • Could you use some good heat and hot baths after this winter time?
  • Is it time to retreat yourself, even just for one day?


This is a full day retreat, 12 hour retreat which starts at 10am and ends around 10pm. If you will be travelling a long distance, there are plenty of accommodations nearby where you could stay one or two nights.

You can bring your own towel, bathrobe and slippers or rent these in Elaisa. Bear in mind that Elaisa does not allow swimwear. We'll all wear our most natural costume, our bare skin.

Food and drinks are not included in the Retreat price. This gives everyone the opportunity to order exactly what they feel like eating and drinking that day. During lunch, we will be sitting together as one group.

  • Arrival at 10am to Elaisa Enegetic Wellness
  • Departure around 9.30/10pm
  • Various sounding and conscious activities together as a group
  • Two opportunities of self-time to spend freely in the way you want
  • Food, drinks and accommodation not included

249 euro
for the whole day

Friday 14 april
Elaisa Energetic Wellness
Nationaal Parklaan 7, 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem

Facilitated by Jacob Vermeulen.
Only 16 places available.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is there accommodation?

While Elaisa does not offer accommodation, there are plenty of hotels and BNB's in the near vicinity. To make your stay comfortable, we recommend booking from 13 till 15 April 2023. Tip: Check out Terhills hotel.

Will the retreat be in English or in Dutch?

If only Dutch-speaking people register, the retreat will be in Dutch. If we welcome guests from other countries, then the retreat will be mostly in English, although Jacob is always happy to accommodate people that don't speak/understand English well.