Dancing Yes, To Life

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I believe everyone can dance. Yes, everyone! 

To find freedom on your dance floor is to THRIVE! To feel ALIVE! Dancing is so good for you and it can be so much fun. I see the benefits in every class with every person who dances with me. From alleviating physical pain, overcoming physical boundaries, increasing fitness levels and self-confidence, emotional release, reducing stress and tension, improving mental health, fatigue and sleep… The list is endless! I witness people moving in a way they never thought was possible, simply by listening to their bodies and moving in a way that feels good. And all of these benefits and more are available to you too! 

Singing and dancing should come naturally to us, but for various reasons many adults find this form of self-expression difficult. I know I did!  As toddlers, my children endlessly inspired me with their uninhibited, carefree, even primal response to the rhythm and feel of a song. They don’t judge, they don’t question, they don’t hold back, they just move.

But then we grow up and start telling ourselves we are too old, too young, too big, too loud, too tall, too shy, too uncoordinated, not cool enough, not good enough, have two left feet or we have too many wobbly bits! And we disconnect from our amazing bodies that were innately designed to move and be moved.

You know, there is something tangible and magical that happens when someone is completely in their body, fully aligned with their heart and soul and being moved by the music. A light ignites deep inside. I’ve seen it happen in my wellness classes. It’s beautiful to witness. I wanted to create a course that facilitates this moment for everyone who chooses to dance their truth with us.

The Magical Movement Journey is for everyBODY who feels the call! To lovingly melt away all the limiting beliefs and fears around movement and dance. In my eyes, everybody is a ‘dancer’. Everybody should have access to a soul stirring, life-affirming & immersive experience that supports their growth and freedom as a human being and a soul. We were meant to enjoy and embrace this life… not simply survive it. We were meant for JOY. 

Dancing love to you!


Watch retreat participants dance

One of the key sessions of our Magical Movement Journey is one called Stepping Into Your Power. It’s playful, heart opening and very empowering! It invites you to dance and play with the energies of NO and YES, and supports you in creating healthy boundaries whilst being open to life! 

During the creation of our Authentic Dance course, Yavin & Upala have hosted many retreats and so our participants were the first to experience some of the amazing original soundtracks. This powerful video shows a room full of people all stepping into their power dancing with the energy of YES! 

The Magical Movement Journey is now ready and waiting for you to step into your own authentic dance journey. Are you ready to say YES! To life?

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  • Ik begrijp dat jullie internationaal willen gaan en daarom naar het engels zijn overgeschakeld. Maar ik mis de lessen van Songdance in het nederlands! Kunnen jullie niet beiden uitzenden?

  • I keep hearing that this is beginning tomorrow on the 25th, but I cannot find out what time or any more information. Please let me know so that I can see if it’s possible for me to participate and what the cost is.

    • Yes Ali…don’t worry all details will be released tomorrow via email. We do hope you will join the Magical Movement Journey.
      Marie x

        • Hi Marina
          This course can be done anytime so there really is no pressure. All that book within the launch 10 day period will receive their course straight away PLUS a bonus online dance event with Yavin and Upala…date to be confirmed but probably in December. The Movement Journey can start whenever you are ready 🙂

  • yes i would love to join the magical dance movent. yet where can i sign up for the course. i dont see any buttons to push for joining. plse help !

  • A life changing experience it was to have met you and participate in a workshop. How can I make sure to attend the launch of the SongDance?

    • Hi Mauraine
      Yes yes yes! We absolutely recommend this course for you to do at home. It will be perfect for you i’m sure! Launch details and registration via email tomorrow.
      Much love,