Dancing was my rehabilitation

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You’ve probably already seen the video of how Authentic Singing became the golden key to my healing process. Since my recovery from my brain tumour began, I have realized how vital dance and movement has been to my physical rehabilitation. In December 2018, due to brain cancer and the subsequent surgery, I had lost all movement in my right arm and right leg. I had little to no mobility and very little energy.

My desire to travel and share Authentic Singing with the world meant that I was unable to go to a rehabilitation centre, but I was determined to regain my full mobility! So I chose to dance my  way through my travelling rehabilitation. It was fun and effortless because authentic dancing is all about moving with the energy of the moment. However, I was feeling physically and emotionally, I simply listened to my body and moved in a way that it was capable of at that particular time. Not forcing, not comparing myself to others, just moving to feel better.

I tapped into my playful spirit and my dancing gifted me not only my physical health but childlike freedom! Gradually, I regained my flexibility and mobility. Although I still see progress every day, I’m happy to say that I am now in such  good shape compared to 3 years ago, and I have dance to thank for that.

Upala dancing to one of the Authentic Singing sessions shortly after her surgery

Upala dancing on rock in the middle of a lake in Norway

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  • Thank you brave soul for sharing your beautiful and challenging journey.
    I experience every time when I sing or dance from the heart, it cleanses me, like norhing else does.
    Thank you both for your beautiful contributie.
    Love and light,