The pain of losing freedom

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We humans are pain avoiding creatures. Often that strategy serves us well. We learn from our mistakes. But in some circumstances it keeps us away from much-needed growth and change.

The Covid-19 crisis brought about a lot of pain, both on the individual and the collective level. There is the immense pain of losing someone you love due to the illness. But, somehow, we know that is part of life.

I want to speak about a different pain. The immense pain of having to lose our freedoms. This is a new kind of pain, one that hasn’t been experienced in the West for a couple of decades.

Believe it or not, but many people will now avoid feeling as free again as before the crisis, as an unconscious strategy to avoid this huge pain again. They will numb themselves for that pain.

And what brings about the most freedom of all? Creative expression, such as singing and dancing.

So, really what we need to do as individuals and as a collective is to start singing and dancing again! Not the singing and dancing we know from television and social media, but the kind of singing and dancing that brings about inner freedom. The kind that serves as an alchemic process, bringing energy from the unconscious realms to our shared conscious reality.

That’s what we all need right now. More than anything!

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