Are you ready to deepen your healing?

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Come and bathe with us
in a field of love…

You are courageous
and you are not alone…

The internet is usually a place of pretend, of make-believe.
People are often hard with one another, lacking real empathy and connection.
Yet this is something most of us deeply long for.

Our society does not favor people "on the healing journey".
You get easily categorized as being off with the fairies.

Family members would rather keep you the way they know you (even if you are unhappy) than see you change radically.
You can come across as threatening to colleagues simply by having more self-love and healthy boundaries.
Sometimes you even have to switch careers completely at an age where others are already thinking of retirement.
Your partner either grows with you or you're feeling a distance creeping between the two of you.
You long for true love and connection.
You wish to be understood and seen as what you truly are.

It takes immeasurable courage…
…to face your childhood wounds.
…to resolve generational trauma in your family system, influencing your life.
…to forgive yourself.
…to love your body and move with the dance of life.
…to liberate your voice and sound with the song of life.

Yet, for some reason, you are doing it!
You have the guts to face it all, to go through the fire!

It's not easy.
And sometimes we want to quit the process work, pause the healing.
We can't. It's part of our life path now.

Yet, you don't have to go through it alone!
There are people - all over the world - who are as motivated on the healing journey as yourself.

This is why we started this community.
To offer tailored tools for healing in a space of togetherness.

We are Yavin & Upala, and we welcome you to Songdance CiRCLE.

The CiRCLE is helping me discover and express the truth of who I am. I feel safe and supported.


Being part of the Songdance CiRCLE is helping me discover and express the truth of who I am. I feel safe and supported in the community, and love the variety of experiences there are to explore. It is amazing to be part of something so authentic, fluid, creative and meaningful!

Being yourself
            in a space of

Welcome into the

What is the CiRCLE?

Songdance CiRCLE is an online community for souls on the journey.
We use grounded and proven healing modalities that help our participants grow in all areas of their life.

Through regular online live classes, we create an atmosphere of trust and sharing.

We make use of live music during the classes to build a strong field of love.
 This 'love-field' forms the foundation of the healing that happens through this community.

The schedule of live classes is catered for the different global timezones.
There are replays you can watch for live classes you don't want to miss.

Next to live events, there is also plenty of 'self-paced' content to experience.
There are movement flows, meditations, audio stories, mantras and courses.

Our community members are from all over the world.
This creates a richness and cultural diversity.
Through our healing journey, we are all connected.

Our unique mixture of healing modalities

  • Sound Healing
  • Inner child healing work
  • Family constellations
  • Systemic work for intergenerational healing
  • The heart-opening power of mantra singing
  • Movement medicine
  • Story telling
  • Live music


A field of

This has reawakened my creativity. It's uplifting, surprising and transformative!

SUE H. - Australia

Songdance has reawakened my creativity. I have rediscovered my love of singing, the joy of movement, and a big bonus has been the warm community members. It has been magical being part of live events where Yavin responds to the conversations and creates new mantras and music. Uplifting, surprising and transformative!

What you
as a member of the CiRCLE

Members only

You'll be able to join several classes live every month, as we offer about 3 to 4 events every single week, catered for different timezones.

When you like the topic of an upcoming class, but you can't make it, you can always watch the replay.

We keep live classes short and sweet at 45 minutes.
This way, it's perfect to start or end your day.
Or a nice break from work.

All classes are 100% interactive.
We mostly create live music on the spot and give teachings to support the needs of the participants in that moment.

Immediate access to

There are already hours of high quality, 'self-paced' content to experience.
Through the Topic-library, it is super easy to find just what you need.

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Healing energy transmitting

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transformative movement flows

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audio stories
with singalongs

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Deep & powerful
& visualizations

Aliveness & Discovery


This community is not a one-way street.
It brings you into an 'active mode'.
Not just receiving, but a true co-creation.
This creates a lot of energy and motivation.

We invite our members to start asking valuable question about their life. As soon as you ask questions, life - not we - will provide you with the answers you need.



What benefits may you expect?

Physical wellbeing

Do you long to move with ease and grace
To dissolve pain and ailments
Energy flowing gracefully through your body
…that feeling of being healthy and thriving!

Mental peace

Do you long to still a burdened mind
A mind  that never stops
burned out or over-active
Learn to befriend your mind again
As the great ally that it can be to your happiness

Emotional balance

Do you long for a safe and gentle way to…

Be with your emotions fully
To release your old grief

Or that bottled up anger

To feel it all, to allow it completely and utterly

And know that you can always return to balance.

Spiritual growth

Do you longing to spread your light
To be of service to other with your gifts
To speak your truth and stand your ground

To live according to your highest potential

What would be your intention when joining?
Some inspiration…

  • To allow myself to BE ME in a group and connect with other souls on the journey
  • To connect deeply with my Soul/Self
  • To heal my wounds and live a life of joy and freedom
  • To liberate my voice, enjoy singing and sounding
  • To move and dance consciously and to truly love my body
  • To bathe in the awesome vibrations of live music
  • To grow and gain tools to be of service to others with my own gifts

Every moment of my life will forever have an imprint of the gifts I have discovered…

Deanna L. - USA

I don't know how I could ever share my gratitude accurately. Every moment of my life will forever have an imprint of the gifts I have discovered through this work. I will continue to share the love and acceptance I have received with others on my path, for it's the only way I know to truly thank you. And I don't think I could avoid it if I tried. I have an ineffable amount of love for you all! 

You can talk about healing…
Listen to other people's ideas about it…
Wish for it, long for it…
But, it will only happen
when you dive into the experience yourself

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: "When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”
Gabrielle Roth

The stored grief and fear was moving out with each sound vibration…

Cheryl P. - USA

Thank you for this beautiful offering!
Mantra singing has become a vital path in finding my way back to my true self. My Voice had been silenced for decades…
This morning, as I engaged with the class, I sobbed and sobbed. I allowed myself to surrender into the sound vibrations of my own voice. The fear of being told to shut up, the grief stored in the body, was moving OUT through each sound and vibration.

Meet the community founders
Yavin & Upala

Allow us to introduce ourselves
We are Yavin & Upala
Husband & wife
Two souls on
the path.

 A couple of years ago, Upala was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Statistically, her days were numbered.

As the tumor was severely impairing her ability to speak, we reverted to what was still possible for Upala. And that was free sound making. We called it authentic singing.

We found it such an amazing and powerful way to bring emotional liberation.
To communicate feeling states in an instant and holistic way, as opposed to our usual linear way of communicating, limited by words.

 Having looked death in the eye, we suddenly saw things very clearly.
Upala said that if she had only one year left to live, she wanted to travel and spread the power of authentic singing with the world.

 We made a radical choice.
To open ourselves up for every truth.
And to live life according to ours. 
An ever-changing truth resulting in an ever-changing life.

We started Songdance as a natural response to our own longing for authenticity, freedom, joy and expression. Everything we do here flows from our own journey of healing and growth.

I've learned to sing my song to express my unique vibration.


To be part of a community hasn't always been easy for me. And this is a great practice and stepping stone where an open space is created to be myself. I've learned about my voice, emotions and deepest core of my being from so many different sides. I'm learning to sing my song to express my unique vibration. So helpful and important for me in life.
Thank you Yavin and Upala for creating this beauty and all others out there for doing the same.

Join us today and
receive these VALUABLE BONUSES 


The Song of Your Soul Vow course
Normally $199

This in-depth 14-hour course takes you through a wonderful journey of connecting with your essence. You'll learn to engage with the powerful Songdance practices of authentic singing & dancing. You'll sing & move for the 5 primal wounds of the soul and allow the music and your own expression to bring healing.

This course was created in collaboration with Yoga Farm.


The Gift Of Empathy

Embracing Your Sensitivity

This experiential 7-hour course can make a big difference in your life!
If you are someone who is easily over-empathic, if you pick up too much energy/emotions from other people, if you get easily overwhelmed, you will love this course!

I have spent a lot of energy and money before, but this calm and friendly approach is what I really needed.

Lena F. - USA

I am so grateful for this work. I've had chronic pain for years and have spent A LOT of time, energy and money trying to find something to help it, with no avail. Since starting this calm and friendly approach, my pain is gone. The practices are simple and beautiful, and so kind and respectful to the body. I was super resistant to this approach at first, and now I am the biggest fan. 

The live classes on Zoom are much more than only a feel good moment.

Merel V. - Belgium

I love how the live classes on Zoom aren’t just a 45-minute feel good moment. They are… but the techniques and teachings that are being offered are easily applicable to everyday life!

Sound making and movement has helped to heal, and to understand myself more and more.

SABINE B. - Belgium

I am fascinated as to what ‘sound making’ and ‘movement’ can really mean for the growth of a human being. I already noticed how it helps me to feel better, to heal, and to understand bits and pieces about life and about myself. But I'm coming to find out how it's even so much more than that…

Join Songdance CiRCLE today
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You can cancel anytime

We offer a 'no questions asked'
30-day money-back-guarantee

Effortless & Intuitive

The Songdance CiRCLE is accessible on all devices through your browser.

There is also a handy mobile app for both Android and iPhone. Perfect to follow a live event on the go or listen to a song early morning from your bedroom before starting your day.

The platform is super easy to use and very intuitive. We trust you will love some of the features such as member chat, see who's living near you, event calendar in your timezone, calendar sync to your own agenda and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30-day money-back-guarantee work?

At Songdance we only want members in the CiRCLE who truly want to be there.
This is why we are giving everyone 30 days time to try out the experience risk-free.
If it's not something for you, simply email us at, and we'll refund you straight away. This applies to both monthly and yearly plans.

How do payments work?

During signup, a subscription will start with renewal payments every month or every year, depending on the choice of plan. You can always change later from a monthly plan to a yearly plan and vice-versa.

You can cancel anytime, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I don't have credit card. Do you have other payment methods?

If you want to make use of alternative payment methods (such as PayPal, Bancontact, iDEAL, Giropay…) please contact us on, and we'll send you a special payment link.

We don't offer direct bank transfers or manual renewal payments.

I'd like to book this as a business expense. Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can download an invoice for every renewal payment.
If you have an EU VAT-number, you'll be able to enter this during signup.

How long is a membership?

You can choose for a monthly or a yearly membership. The membership runs until you cancel. A yearly membership is beneficial as you'll get two months for free.

You can always switch from a monthly plan to a yearly plan and vice-versa.

How do I cancel, and what happens if I want to cancel?

Simply drop us an email with your cancel request to You'll still have full access to the platform until your current term runs out. Please note that you need to email us 5 days prior to your renewal payment, to make sure we can process your request in time.

I'm not good with computers. Will this work for me?

YES! Both the desktop version and the mobile app are super intuitive and easy to use.
And if you have any question, you can always use the platform's built in chat to send us a message.

I have another question…

Your question is not in the list?
No problem. Simply drop us an email at We're more than happy to help!

We know making choices is hard.
Is this something for you, or not?
Only you can know.

To make things easier
We have a surprise gift for you
So you can feel our energy
some more…