Authentic Singing Journey

40 Days of Vocal Sound Healing

40 unique and transformational sound healing sessions created and composed by Jacob Vermeulen and his late wife, Upala, on their travels around the world. A joyful ride full of surprises where you are embarking on a journey of exploring, liberating and enjoying your own vocal sounds. Each session offers a safe space for healing and growth with original soundscapes and mantras. Harness the power and wisdom of your own voice. This course will bring you free expression, empowerment and authenticity.

  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • A 40-day journey (every day a new session)
  • 100% original healing music, mantra's and exercises
  • Guided by Vocal Sound Healing Master, Jacob Vermeulen
  • Audio-only sessions (no screen time required)

Ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands.

This course is for…

Anyone who yearns for more freedom and authenticity in their life.
Anyone who thinks they can't sing, but still longs to…
Anyone who wants to have access to a lifelong source of true joy!
Anyone who wants to explore the power of vocal sound healing, to use their voice as an instrument for growth and liberation.

Wow, you surprise me every time! Whatever the theme of the session, it always comes at just the right time and touches just the right spots; be it wounds, scars, blockages or joys. So soothing and invigorating at the same time. Thank you!


These sessions are like active meditations; beautiful, organic and profound...
Such a treat and a blessing for these times. Thank you!


What is Vocal Sound Healing?

Vocal Sound Healing is about making sound in tune with the energy of the moment. Using your voice as a tool to connect more deeply with who you really are. It is NOT about the ability to sing ‘right’ or 'well', it's about using your voice to make those healing sounds that you need right now.

Vocal Sound Healing in its very nature is a form of meditation and self transformation. By producing natural and untethered vocal sounds, you gradually set yourself free as a human being. The voice lifts internal blockages, emotional baggage and even physical ailments. This opens up your voice, making it flow more freely than ever before.

Making sound is our birthright

You're born with a voice, and you make use of it more than you think. You sigh, you laugh, you scream, you moan… People make a big deal out of singing, because of the stigma of the music industry. Vocal sound healing, however, is not a talent show. It's an intimate practice between your voice and you.

The first step towards Vocal Sound Healing is to stop filtering yourself, to stop criticizing yourself. Especially when the voice has become rusty and you've adopted the belief that you can't sing. The journey of embracing your own sound again is so amazing. It's an act of pure self-love. And in time, you'll find your voice will open up, your breath will become longer and deeper and the effects will be felt in your whole body, mind and soul.

How does it work?

It can be as simple as breathing in and just making the sound of the moment. Not seeking to sing any particular song or trying to sing 'good'. Your honest, authentic vocal sounds will prove the most healing and beneficial to you in that moment. You'll get to know deeper layers of yourself and develop a deeper intimate relationship with your being.

Making vocal sounds for your feelings helps you to become more aware of them, and enables you to embrace them fully in the living present moment. It's the oldest medicine that most of us have forgotten.

The 5 Key Benefits of Vocal Sound Healing

There are 5 key areas where Vocal Sound Healing can be especially beneficial.


Finding your voice (again)

Have you been silenced in the past or as a child?
Have you been told you can't sing?
Have you stopped speaking your truth?

This course has literally helped thousands of people find their voice again. Not just in the physical sense, but also energetically. People opening up, blossoming, finding their authentic voice, being able to fully express themselves again!


Opening and developping your voice

This is not a singing course where the goal is to 'sing better'. Vocal Sound Healing is not a performance, but a practice.

However, upon going through the session, you'll see that your voice will open and develop of its own accord. In the most natural way, without force or technique, your breathing will deepen, your voice will become stronger and more free.


Remembering your human nature

For thousands of years, man has known that our voices are instruments of healing, for ourselves and for others. Sounding is our ancient, sacred birthright.

This course is packed with deep and powerful mantras that will reignite this healing potential in your voice, reconnecting you with the ways of our ancestors.
We also offer a PRO version of the course for healing practitioners, to use the course material in your own business.


Effecive healing through all the layers

Vocal Sound Healing is very effective both for your own healing and the healing of others. Many people experience big breakthroughs after just a couple of sessions.

Whereas words are limited in their capacity to carry information, sound can carry exponentially more information. Your sound touches the physical, emotional, mental level and the spiritual aspects of yourself. The sound travels through the bones, organs, tissue, and even to the smallest of cells. 


Effortless and joyful healing

Vocal Sound Healing is a joyful adventure of remembering who you truly are, to enjoy being YOU. Just like a child, the best way to learn is by experience! This is why every session is carefully crafted to give you an experience rather than an exercise.

Singing and sounding is fun. Many people find it one of the most effortless and joyful ways of 'self-development' and healing.

How it looks on the inside...

Through your personal Account zone, you'll get an overview of the sessions.
They are easily accessible on all devices and can be downloaded as well.
The Account zone also provides access to the Knowledge Base where we provide additional information on vocal sound healing.

The audio sessions can be streamed online and can be downloaded for use without internet.

Having a busy period? No problem! The sessions are yours to keep for life. You set the pace!

The sessions are compatible with all devices: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Thousands of people have enjoyed this course.

Claire - New Zealand

Claire speaks about how the course has helped her release chronic stress from her body in a joyful way!

Martine - CANADA

Martine shares about the healing of layers of self-protection from pain through her own authentic sound.


Shares how the piano in the course sessions really helps her to connect to her creativity, voice and song!


Shares about the beautiful synchronicity of this course in helping her find her voice personally and professionally.

Miriàm - ITALY

Miriàm speaks about the pure joy that she feels when she sings authentically and engages with the sessions.


Savina, at 82 years young, speaks about the joy she felt when hearing her voice despite her partial deafness.

For healing practitioners


Combine this course for your own self-healing with a collection of 40 mantras that you can use in your business. A rich, diverse and transformational mix of sound, word and song. Simple and intuitive to follow and join in with, yet powerful in creating positive change in all who experience them.

Allow the magic to unfold in your own business as the ripples of these mantras reach more people on this earth.

Our beautiful mantras are suitable for all creative professionals who yearn to broaden their horizons, deepen their professional practice and take their offerings to a whole new level. From yoga, Qigong, movement teachers to meditation facilitators and choir leaders! You, too, can bring the magic of Vocal Sound Healing into the lives of your participants, to the people that you care about and serve.

The PRO Licence

The PRO offers you a LIFELONG right to use The Mantra Collection professionally.

Use the mantras during you live classes, treatments, group sessions, meditation groups, singing circles, etc. This also includes online classes. The only thing you're not allowed to do is re-bundle the mantras and re-sell them.

I could have never dreamed what the impact of this course would be on my life. In a period of pain and suffering, this course gave me a lot of strength and hope that we can heal the world, starting with self-healing and self-love by becoming authentic people.
This journey is the best gift I could give myself. A big step into the unknown, but I'm so happy I had the courage to take it. 


Choose your version

40 Days of Vocal Sound Healing

Treat yourself to 40 days of discovery and joy with your own voice. Feel the natural bliss flowing from the mantras and soundscapes.

  • 40 original audio sessions
  • Yours to keep for life
  • Over 800 minutes of original music
  • Knowledge base
  • Email support



40 Days of Vocal Sound Healing (PRO)

Next to the course, you'll get access to The Mantra Collection to use the beautiful mantras and soundscapes in your business.

  • 40 original audio sessions
  • Yours to keep for life
  • Over 800 minutes of original music
  • Knowledge base
  • Lifetime Pro License
  • The Mantra Collection



Deze cursus is ook beschikbaar in de originele Nederlandstalige versie. Stuur na je aankoop een mailtje en we geven je toegang tot de Nederlandstalige versie.

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