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This journey is for...

Anyone who yearns for more freedom in their voice.
Anyone who loves to sing freely.
Anyone who thinks they can't sing, but still longs to…
Anyone who wants to explore the power of voice healing, to use their voice as an instrument for growth and liberation.
Anyone who longs to become more authentic through Authentic Singing!

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Wow, you surprise me every week! Whatever the theme of the session, it always comes at just the right time and touches just the right spots; be it wounds, scars, blockages or joys. So soothing and invigorating at the same time. Thank you!


Authentic Singing Journey

Sing Your Truth

With the Authentic Singing Journey, you are going on a joyful journey with your own singing voice. Through audio sessions, accompanied by Yavin's soothing voice, we've created a safe space for transformation and healing with our original soundscapes, exercises and mantras. Each week, you'll be invited into a completely different universe of sound and song. Harness the power and wisdom of your own sacred healing voice, ushering in a new beginning and a fresh perspective on who you truly are.

  • Self-led course done at home, at your own pace
  • 40 weekly audio sessions between 15 and 30 minutes long
  • Unique and original music, mantra's and exercises
  • Lifetime forever access to the course material
  • Wide range of support channels

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What is Authentic Singing?

Authentic Singing is making sound in tune with the energy of the moment. Using your voice as a tool to connect more deeply with who you really are. It is not about the ability to sing ‘right’ or 'well', it's about using your voice to sing the 'truth of the moment'. 

Authentic Singing in its very nature is a form of meditation and self transformation. By producing natural and untethered vocal sounds, you gradually set yourself free as a human being. The voice lifts internal blockages, emotional baggage and even physical ailments. This opens up your voice, making it flow more freely than ever before.

Singing is our birthright

We all have a voice and we can all sing with it. The only thing standing between us and our singing is a whole range of adopted limiting beliefs about what singing should and shouldn't be.

Therefore, the first step towards Authentic Singing is to allow whatever song and sound wants to come out. Especially when the voice has become rusty and you believe you are only good at singing out of tune. It is so important to embrace your sound again, however it is. If this rusty sound is currently your authentic sound, the moment you find peace with it the body can relax. Then your sound is likely to open up and it becomes capable of a broader expression. (Read more about this in the article 'How to find your Authentic Voice?')

How do I do it?

It really is as simple as breathing in and just making some sound. Not seeking to sing any particular song or trying to mimic a certain way of singing. This very simple gesture always gives surprising results. It's a great opportunity to ask yourself: "how am I feeling?". The sound will tell you so much. If judgments arise, just observe them. Just keep on singing even if the sound feels weird. 

Making sound for dark feelings helps you to become more aware of these feelings, enables you to embrace your emotions, brings restfulness and gives you the energy that you need to rise up again.

The 5 Key Benefits of Authentic Singing

There are 5 key areas where Authentic Singing can be very beneficial:


Finding your voice

Have you been silenced in the past or as a child? Or trying to be someone else other than YOU, trying to fit in or adapt to protect yourself?

So what is your voice? Are you able to speak your truth? This is why our slogan is ‘Sing Your Truth’ because we have witnessed from thousands of people that Authentic Singing helps you find your voice again. This is THE most common experience we hear about time and time again. People opening up, blossoming, finding their voices, being able to fully express themselves again! Becoming authentic, living an authentic, meaningful life.


Liberating your voice and emotions

Authentic Singing goes deeper and further than most singing lessons. Why? Because it is working on the emotional level.

Our voices are often limited not because of our body but because of our psyche. Your body is actually capable of ALL expression, but we are limited by emotional blockages, beliefs and conditionings.

Liberating those emotional blockages is something that takes time and happens with gentle encouragement and full support. That's why our Authentic Singing Journey consists of many small baby steps to create a big change over time. Slowly embracing all the emotions we have, our voice opens up of its own accord.


Your voice as a healing tool

For thousands of years, man has known that our voices are instruments of healing, for ourselves and for others. Singing and sounding is our ancient, sacred birthright. And on some level, we all long for this potential to be realized and reignited again. That's why our Authentic Singing Journey is packed with deep and powerful mantras that will reignite this healing potential in your voice.

We also offer a PRO version of the course for creative practitioners who are already aware of the healing power of sound, voice and mantra. This gives you the rights to use all our mantras in your yoga classes, dance classes, meditation groups, 1:1 coaching sessions, gatherings with friends and loved ones.


Personal growth and conscious evolution

Many of us on the planet have a deep yearning to become MORE. More conscious, more self-aware. In this way, we have witnessed that Authentic Singing can be more profound and effective than therapy. We have heard from our participants, many times over, that after just a few sessions of Authentic Singing they achieved bigger breakthroughs than in their previous years of therapy.

Why? How is that possible? Talking therapy can be very beneficial, but you are often limited to speaking. Whereas the voice and Authentic Singing involves the whole person: the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level, and the spiritual level. It travels through the cells, vibrates through the tissue, through the bones, in the organs. This makes it such a powerful agent for healing and growing as a human being.

We know that doing this practice gradually, consistently, continuously will make you steadfast. Steadfast in your mood, your decisions, truly anchored in your core. On the Authentic Singing Journey, you build a strong, resilient foundation where you are no longer swayed by the energies of fear or doubt. Instead, you are anchored in this deep awareness. Isn't that what we all long for?


Learn to play again!

Authentic Singing is a joyful adventure of remembering who you truly are, to enjoy being YOU. Just like a child, the best way to learn is by playing! Children learn the most by simply playing and being exposed to new stimuli whilst they are playing! As adults, our world becomes so small, new experiences are rare as routine takes over and life becomes serious and full of responsibility. Our comfort zones keep us small. We have forgotten how to PLAY!

On the Authentic Singing Journey you will have fun making music, singing, moving and most importantly you are exposed to new stimuli every week. Every session is completely different, you never know what is going to happen, so the ego has no ability to prepare itself and set expectations of yourself. You are simply playing in the present moment. This element of surprise and play carries huge growth potential.

How it looks on the inside...

Through your personal Account zone, you'll get an overview of the sessions. They are easily accessible on all devices and can be downloaded as well.
The Account zone also provides access to the expanding Knowledge Base, containing answers to many of the questions arising on the path of vocal liberation and self-discovery.

The audio sessions can be streamed online and can be downloaded for use without the internet.

Having a busy period? No problem! The sessions are yours to keep. This means you can enjoy your favourite sessions for life.

The sessions are compatible with all devices: PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. You don’t have to be an IT-expert to enjoy the sessions!

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These sessions are like active meditations; beautiful, organic and profound... Such a treat and a blessing for these times. Thank you!


Taste the music

The music and mantras on the Authentic Singing Journey are like a soft and nurturing blanket. They are specifically composed so you can be carried through even the deepest of processes. We have used a wide variety of different musical genres and instruments so each week you will be pleasantly surprised and taken away by the melody, harmony and rhythm!

I Am Peace

Rainforest Flow


Feel Now

Heads Meets Heart



The Sound Of You

Video testimonials

Claire - New Zealand

Claire speaks about how the Authentic Singing Journey has helped her release chronic stress from her body in a joyful way!

Martine - CANADA

Martine shares about her own healing of layers of self-protection from pain through her own authentic expression.


Shares how the piano in the Journey sessions really helps her to connect to her creativity, her voice and authentic song!


Shares about the beautiful synchronicity of this course in helping her find her voice personally and professionally.

Miriàm - ITALY

Miriàm speaks about the pure joy that she feels when she sings authentically and engages with the sessions.


Savina, at 82 years young, speaks about the joy she felt when hearing her voice despite her partial deafness.

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Welcome to the family

Although this is a self-led course, done from your own home,
we offer a variety of ways to support you throughout the duration of the 40-week course.

Authentic Singing family

Our Facebook community and Telegram Channel are a vibrant place of sharing, meeting, community hosted events, tips and tricks. You can share your experience, track your course progress, interact with other participants and more!

Knowledge Base

Answers to all of your Authentic Singing related questions can be found in the frequently updated Knowledge Base: a collection of video clips and articles in a clear and easy to search format. In case you cannot find the answer, feel free to write us an email.

Wow, this makes me feel alive and free. I am very grateful to you, Yavin and Upala, for creating this beautiful course, and for all the support and transformation I’ve received to get to a place where I can let go and experience this.


For practitioners and mantra lovers

Authentic Singing Journey PRO

Combine the Authentic Singing Journey with 40 mantras based on the sessions from the Authentic Singing Journey. This is an original collection of soul soothing mantras inspired by Yavin and Upala’s time spent travelling this beautiful Earth. A rich, diverse and transformational mix of sound, word and song. Simple and intuitive to follow and join in with, yet powerful in creating positive change in all who experience them.

Allow the magic to unfold in your own business as the ripples of these mantras reach more people on this Earth.

Our beautiful mantras are suitable for all creative professionals who yearn to broaden their horizons, deepen their professional practice and take their offerings to a whole new level. From Yoga, dance, movement teachers to meditation facilitators and choir leaders! You too can bring the magic of Authentic Singing into the lives of your participants, to the people that you care about and serve.

The PRO edition comes paired with the Pro Licence, giving you the freedom to use the mantras for all your professional or hobby uses.

The PRO Licence

The Authentic Singing Journey PRO comes hand in hand with a license for professional use. This gives you a lifelong right to use the Authentic Singing Journey PRO within your business.

What does the Pro Licence give you?

The right to use the Authentic Singing Journey PRO during your live classes, treatments, group sessions, meditation groups, singing circles, etc. This also includes online classes of which the recording/replay can be accessed for a maximum of 48 hours.

What does the Pro Licence not allow?

Using the Authentic Singing Journey PRO during online classes, recordings or live streams that remain accessible for longer than 48 hours.
Using the music in any type of public broadcast, stream, podcast, film or ad is also not allowed even if the stream goes offline within 48 hours.

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... more music ... more peace ... more freedom

Listen here to some extra demo's!

Mantra 1
Let the earth move you

Mantra 6
Up And Down Warm-up

Mantra 11

Indian Harmonies

Mantra 21

Calabash Freestyle

Mantra 22

It's Okay

Mantra 29

Let It Go

I could have never dreamed what the impact of this course would be on my life. In a period of pain and suffering, Songdance gives me a lot of strength and hope that we can heal the world starting with self-healing and self-love by becoming authentic people.
The Authentic Singing Journey is the best gift I could give myself. A big step into the unknown, but I'm so happy I had the courage to take it. 


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  • 40 original music audio sessions with Yavin's guidance
  • Lifelong access to the sessions
  • Unlimited access to future updates and revisions of the journey
  • Bonus video content in the Knowledge Base

For personal use only

Authentic Singing Journey


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Authentic Singing Journey


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30-day money-back-guarantee

If this journey is not to your liking, you can get a full refund within 30 days after purchase. No questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live / interactive Journey?

Each session is a pre-recorded audio file where you will be led by Yavin, the co-founder and director of Songdance. You will be invited to sing and sound to each beautiful, unique soundscape with easy to follow guidance. The energy of the sessions is very much ‘alive’ and many people feel as if Yavin is speaking to them live in their living room.

Where does the Journey take place?

You really can take this singing journey anywhere! Most people just do the sessions in the comfort of their own home. But, as you can download all sessions, some people put them on their phone and go sing in the forest, on the beach…

What is the PRO version?

As the Authentic Singing Journey is for personal use only, you need to opt for the PRO version if you want to share sessions with others.

The PRO Journey comes with a version of the sessions without Yavin's guidance, making it ideal to use alongside your own guidance and practices. You'll get access to an overview of the session with 30 second audio previews to easily find the energy you're looking for. Each session comes with an overview and tips on how to use it best in your business.

The PRO version comes with a licence to use the sessions in your business. You can use sessions both for individual clients as well as during group sessions. You are even allowed to use them during live online classes. You are, however, not allowed to use the material in your own online courses or for any type of public broadcast.

How long is the Journey and how does it work?

There are 40 audio sessions between 15 and 30 minutes that become available to you on a weekly basis. As the sessions remain yours to keep for life, they can be repeated as many times as you like. How long it will take you to complete the Journey will entirely depend on you, as you can follow your own flow.