An update from the heart

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So much has happened in these last couple of weeks. We’ve been a little more quiet, so we hope with this blog post to reconnect with you and fill you in…

As you might already know, after Upala’s rehabilitation from the brain tumor surgery in 2019, we started travelling. After 4 years of living out of suitcases, we both longed for a true home. We fell in love with a house in Bruges (Belgium) and we moved in a couple of months ago.

As fate has it, shortly after settling into our new home, Upala was admitted to the hospital after having a seizure. It was soon discovered that her tumor was back, and this time around a surgery was not in the options.

This brought a big shockwave to us and to our family and friends. We – however – decided that we were going to take it moment by moment, and keep connecting with the love and joy underneath it all. Everything feels so different from 4 years ago…

We kept doing live sessions twice a week in our community, Songdance CiRCLE. Upala was joining on her phone from her hospital bed! These live sessions were amongst the most truthful, heartfelt and authentic sessions we’ve ever experienced. Thank you, community!

Our whole mission with Songdance is to teach people to be fully present with their own emotions (whatever happens!) and those of others. And we too – once again – found great strength, support and healing in the authentic singing & movement practices.

4 years ago, we ‘discovered’ Authentic Singing by making sound in the hospital stairwell, after Upala had lost her speech. Unfortunately, this time around, Upala has lost her speech again. So, here we found ourselves once more singing in the hospital stairwell. This time around I made a little video…

As the doctors can not do much for Upala this time around, she decided she wanted to go home. This was exactly two weeks ago.

Upala is blessing her food with some authentic singing, of course.

What’s next? Now what? …you might ask.
Well, that depends on who you ask, I guess. The doctors or Upala…

Time will tell. But one thing she has made abundantly clear: as long as she has a voice to sing, she’ll use it! And if you feel drawn to experience Upala’s power and presence, and the gift that is in this transformative healing life journey, you can join us inside Songdance CiRCLE.

Sending you love from the depths of our hearts…

Jacob Yavin & Upala

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