About Songdance

The company

Songdance creates a musical catalyst for emotional freedom and personal growth through the power of Authentic Singing and Movement. Using original music compositions, dynamic exercises and deeply supportive meditations, Songdance helps people to rediscover and experience the healing power of their own voices in the comfort of their own homes.

Since its launch in 2019, the Year Course Authentic Singing has become a source of inspiration and transformation for thousands of people all over the world. A whole body, sensory immersion into the healing world of sound and song.

Songdance's slogan is 'Sing Your Truth'. This is an invitation to make sound and sing for the energy of the moment. Rather than trying to be a 'good' singer or achieve a certain result, Authentic Singing is all about using your voice to allow and surrender to whatever comes up and wants to be expressed and heard in the here and now.

Next to online programs, Songdance also offers the immersive experience of live workshops and retreats. Creating and playing with the magical energy of Authentic Singing and Dancing in a live and transformational group setting.

Songdance was founded by Yavin and Upala, who are proud and grateful to work and play with a growing team of wonderful people.

The founders


Yavin taught himself to sing and play the piano at a very young age. Creating beautiful soundscapes has always been a natural-born gift. So after receiving his Master’s Degree in Public Management, his passion for music and spirituality gradually steered him in a different direction. During his live performances and while teaching singing he witnessed the transformative power of music and voice. With a growing interest in psychology and spirituality, Yavin began organizing singing workshops and retreats at the age of 25. He founded Songdance in 2018 together with his partner, Upala. He uses his musical talent, combined with his strong technical skills to co-create the sessions for the online courses and also facilitates the live workshops and retreats. Yavin is also active as a musical artist under the name Yavinodan.


Upala started her professional career as a Biochemical Engineer. During her 8 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, she gradually felt a deeper calling which motivated a shift in her career path. She completed several courses in Energy Therapy and studied Nutrition and other related topics extensively. She deeply connected with her natural affinity with beauty, truth and spiritual depth. After overcoming a life-threatening illness - whereby her speech got severely impaired - she experienced first hand the power and potency of Authentic Singing. She co-founded Songdance with her partner, Yavin, and is responsible for strategic planning and the design work. Together they create courses, host live sessions and organize workshops and retreats.