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Authentic Singing

What is Authentic Singing? 

Authentic Singing is making sound in tune with the energy of the moment. Using your voice as a tool to connect more deeply with who you really are. It is not about the ability to sing ‘right’ or 'well', it's about using your voice to sing the 'truth of the moment'.

Authentic Singing in its very nature is a form of meditation and self transformation. By producing natural and untethered vocal sounds, you gradually set yourself free as a human being. The voice lifts internal blockages, emotional baggage and even physical ailments. This in turn opens up your voice, making it flow more freely as ever.

Wow, thank you Yavin and Upala! The Shine your light session was really powerful to me. For first time I expressed a bit more and let my voice be louder. I have fear to give my voice volume, shyness to be heard by others. I’ve been told to be quiet too many times in childhood, I think. But building up with these few sessions, gave me some bravery to care less and sound more. There is something powerful and freeing in this authentic singing. Thank you for these beautiful gifts! Much love.


A Gift For You

3 inspirational free offerings from our heart to yours!

Step into the magical world of Authentic Singing to discover the true depths of your voice, heart and soul! Each of these 3 powerful Authentic Singing sessions are designed to support you to Sing Your Truth and create a life filled with more authenticity, joy and freedom



Being here and now (14 min)

We invite you to give sound to the energy of this moment and experience the bliss of being fully present in the here and now. Free your voice and sing your truth!



Soul soothing rhythm and flow (6 min)

Let your nervous system relax, release tension and stress with this transformational 6 minute soundscape of rhythm and flow. If you have tried this session before, enjoy the familiarity, let go and sing your heart out!



Shine Your Light (38 min)

This extra long and very powerful session is an invitation to shine your light. A call to connect with your divine spirit and your unique & sacred light through the power of your own voice. To remember, open up and blossom through Authentic Singing.

I was really happy to sing. I felt powerful and gentle at the same time, and very happy to know there are people on the planet who are doing authentic singing. Namaste. Thanks!


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